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  1. We booked Bliss to Alaska for September 2021. I hope they make you show proof of a vaccine.
  2. We did not pay extra for lobster but still had excellent meals in LeBistro, Cagneys, Teppanyaki. Did not enjoy meal in LaCuchina, veal dry and overcooked. Dessert was yummy, though.
  3. On the Epic, Jan 26-Feb 6. We had no problems in San Juan. Got to the ship about 3, direct from airport on NCL transfer. Very smooth, no lines. Staff on ship very friendly and efficient. Ship is showing a bit of wear in staterooms. In room 9205; had wet carpet that they used a huge fan to dry, turns out shower floor cracked. They fixed that, then we could only get scalding water in shower, sent plumber who replaced whole shower faucet assembly. Sent us wine and strawberries as apology. We did notice all service slow in restaurants, but after 2nd day we were on super hygiene status with no self
  4. Well, our party of 10 all got the letter/tags last week. Our flight for all of us by NCL gets there about 3. They will take our bags directly to ship so we only have to deal with carry ones. Considering it is pelting ice/snow/sleet at my house as I type, I for one cannot wait for 1/26. Mary
  5. Bless you for taking your folks, they will love it. We are in our 70s and take my 91 yr mom with us. Make it clear that going on port excursions is up to them. Mom enjoys staying on ship and people watching sometimes.
  6. Checked our flight time, we don’t arrive until almost 3 pm. We have NCL transfer so suspect we won’t get letter and tags. Mary
  7. Oh oh, was just thinking how good they look, then realized I am sailing with you. I would put in checked bag and see what happens knowing they might confiscate them. Not sure if they would keep them or give back to you at the end of the cruise. Can’t wait, only a couple of weeks to wait. Mary
  8. No letter here yet. Our docs say 12 noon boarding.we took NCL flight and transfer. We. Shall see with our 8 other fam members. JAN 26 cruise. Mary
  9. Agree Vancouver airport was slow going home. And it is a long ride from Anchorage to Seward with only a couple options for transport. Have done both Bliss and Jewell. On Bliss you have to go to Vancouver island, waste for us. We are going again sept 2020. Will probably go for best price.
  10. Allow enough time at the airport. Doing US and Canadian immigration takes time as well as clearing security. TSA not honored so its shoes off, etc. Also, our gate was way across the airport. We had a 2pm flight, left the ship at 15 after 9. We had a short wait to board.
  11. We’ve flown to Seattle for a Vancouver cruise several times. Used the shuttle and Amtrak. I have to say the scenery was great on both. I think the kids would enjoy the adventure, especially if you can save $$$ on the flight.
  12. Best thing next to Michigan’s Bronners. We sent mail postmarked North Pole just for fun.
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