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  1. My TA let us know we would get $150 OBC per person for our August 2020 Alaskan cruise since we had our May 2020 Alaskan cruise cancelled, and the OBC is already there! Thanks Princess 🙂 You get this if you rebook for Alaska in 2020/2021. Offer ends May 31st
  2. I just tried to price my May cruise to Alaska on Expedia and it shows there are no Alaska cruises till July 1st. Why doesn't Princess just cancel!!!
  3. I'm glad I booked most of my excursions through Princess. I do have a private whale watching tour in Juneau, and they moved my reservation to August at my request. I have only paid deposit, so would have lost that for sure, but not rest of it. Sorry you didn't get refunds and hope you get to go soon!
  4. I'm OK with FCC for my May cruise because I have a back up cruise in August. Right now holding out for more than 100% FCC. But people who have no choice need to be offered refunds for sure!
  5. My May cruise RT Seattle is still there
  6. That's what we have done. Currently booked in May for Alaska, but paid refundable deposit on cruise in August as a back up. If May gets cancelled, will apply FCC to the August cruise.
  7. I feel so bad for everyone whose cruise is cancelled - we are lucky (so far) that ours is end of May.
  8. I got an email from Princess and my EZ Air tickets are now confirmed and airline now shows they are purchased, but it is still 72 days till my cruise. I thought they waited till 45 days? Does this mean I can't change them anymore?
  9. Contacted my TA about re-faring my May cruise and got this reply: "We received an email from Princess today stating that under their current extreme situation dealing with thousands of passengers they will not be revisiting any refares for bookings that are well past their final payment date. "
  10. We booked Jayleen for our whale watching excursion and booked just the two of us. She will go out if at least 2 people. Ruth
  11. Thanks everyone! I am talking to my TA.
  12. We do have non-refundable deposit but not past final payment
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