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  1. Look at their guidelines. In my opinion, the class itself would be fine for kids as long as you know there is an open bar and the adults in the class will be drinking. However, there are several closely-spaced stations in the room set up with open flames, and you're cooking with oil and spicy ingredients, so the company may have age restrictions.
  2. We selected this excursion at Cozumel since we had been there before and done some other things. This was a great time! We rode a nice bus out to Playa Mia, about 20 minutes from the port. Once at Playa Mia, we met our chef teacher (Lalo) and went to a nicely equipped kitchen class set up. We cooked 3 courses (appetizer, entree, and dessert) and had a great time doing it! An included open bar made it even more fun! After cooking and several margaritas, lunch was ready. We ate our self-prepared meal and then were free to use the facilities as we wished. Beach, pool, bars, were all available. I wish this had been a longer day!
  3. We were on a Norwegian cruise and looked for an excursion for our stop in Roatan. We selected this ATV adventure from TripAdvisor rather than from the cruise ship, and I'm so glad we did! This is a professional group that provided a great day for us. Andrea picked us up at the end of the pier along with one other couple. She said she had a surprise for us in addition to the ATV ride and the beach break. First we were taken to the top of the mountain to a group of locals who had a flea market set up. We were able to find souvenirs that supported the real locals and the views were astounding! After just a little while, she took us on another surprise -- to an animal sanctuary where we interacted with monkeys, rabbits, and sloths. It was an amazing surprise that we enjoyed so much. Then, off to ATV. I was pleasantly surprised at the organization of the company and was glad to see that all their operators had been certified in CPR and mountain rescue. No need to fear, though! We had a safety lesson and practice session before our trip on the trails. It was so much fun and the operators were funny and personable. Great views and information about the area were a bonus! After our ride, Andrea took us to a beautiful beach resort area with an infinity pool and beach front. I just wish the day was longer! This is a fabulous excursion! Try them out!
  4. I have cruised 5-6 times in the past, but we are cruising Norwegian for the first time in a few weeks. The drink package is $99 plus 20% gratuity, so basically $120 per day. How much are the drinks if you buy them without a package?? You say 2-4 but that can't be right, can it? I'm thinking it should be $12-15 for regular drinks. Can anyone confirm that?Thanks.
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