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  1. I always stay in a Central Park balcony because they are a little cheaper. One of the perks of a Central Park balcony is a complementary lunch at either Jamie's, Sabor, or Johnny Rockets. This can only be used on a sea day, so on this short cruise we only had 1 day we could use it. Also, Jamie's doesn't open until 12. I showed up for my 12 reservation and was one of the first tables seated, and ended up staying until they closed at 1:30. The place definitely filled up!
  2. I’m hoping to as well, but the company I booked my transfer through has been closed for the storm. I’m hoping I’ll have a ride!
  3. He works on board and just had a staff meeting. That’s what he was told. Although when I asked for clarification, he said “10 to be sure”
  4. I heard the gangway will be open at 9a tomorrow from my source on Harmony!
  5. Will the next cruise be allowed to board at the new port? Like, would it continue "business as usual"?
  6. They could just... fly. New Orleans has an airport. Its a matter of changing airline tickets. Inconvenient, but nothing they aren't doing now with the delays.
  7. I'm hoping if this storm continues to stand still, they can just sail around it on Wednesday!
  8. Do you think if I flew to Cozumel, they'd let me board?
  9. So the current plan is for the Harmony to return on Thursday?
  10. Well, I started the thread to get info about cruising during a hurricane. And I don't have issues with anyone here, unlike you. Seems like you might be happier if you avoided the stress this is obviously causing you. I wish you the best during these trying times, and I sincerely hope our paths never cross.
  11. Feel free not to follow this thread anymore!
  12. Who knows? They do advertise their thrill rides!
  13. How about schools not schedule any classes during the winter. There could be a blizzard after all..
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