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  1. I work in dialysis and this was going to be my suggestion, as well. PD is not for everyone, but it is a good alternative for some people. Please look into it.
  2. Our first cruise was 2012 and it was a short 3 day to Ensenada. The company DH work's for took the entire shop on this cruise. It was our first Carnival. The company has done this same thing 3 times. We also went on the second trip - also a 3 day but on Princess. We much enjoyed the Carnival cruise more. That first cruise was enough for me that we booked a 7 day last November for our 25th anniversary. And we enjoyed that one so much we booked a 5 day for next October (2021) for us, our 3 kids and our boys' girlfriends.
  3. Ahhh tipsy Rawswife didnt quite read it correctly...LOL
  4. I am not sure about pesos. I would imagine they do. It was supposedly very new when we were there in November. We only dealt in US$.
  5. I'm not either. The first person we encountered (outside the mall, across from the port) quoted us a price of $20 USD. I thought that was high. DH and I said we were headed into the mall for something and would think about it while inside. We decided to go ahead and do the HOHO and when we came back outside, we could not find the gentleman that had quoted us. But found another person and he said he would sell us the tickets for $15/each. So technically, we didnt haggle, but it seems that the price is definitely negotiable. Or maybe it was because it was so new ???
  6. We used this in November and quite enjoyed it. The upper deck was the best place to ride. Also, don't accept the first price. You can negotiate a better rate. We did.
  7. BG: DH and I have not had many opportunities to take vacations requiring travel insurance. Kids are mostly grown now and so we have more opportunity (and money) to travel and not just use our trailer for camping and fishing trips. DH and I went on a 7 day cruise in Novermber to celebrate our 25th anniversary and had so much fun, that we wanted to book another cruise. So I did, last weekend. It will be a surprise to DH, one son/his girlfriend/daughter. Oldest son and his girlfriend already know about it. Cruise is not until Oct 2021. DH and I will be footing the bill for all 7 of us - cruise fare, taxes/port fees and pre-paid gratuities. DH had some health issues last year, and I probably should have purchased insurance for our November trip. But by the time I realized it would be a really good idea, it was too late to purchase to cover his 'pre-existing' health issues. FF to now and knowing now what I didnt know then, and I am definitely going to purchase the insurance - especially due to the trip being so far in the future and all the players involved (am making the boys/girlfriends purchase for themselved). All that said to ask, has anyone had any dealings with Allianz? Good or Bad. I booked the cruise through our travel agent at AAA, and this is the insurance/company offered by AAA. The price is extremely reasonable but I want to make sure that I am getting good insurance. Otherwise, I can look outside of AAA and buy on my own. Please any advice you have on this company is welcome. TIA!
  8. DH and i walked the blue line in Mazatlan in November. It was a pleasant walk. Although, it was super humid to this So Cal girl... I was not used to that at all. From the Old Town area, we took one of the many open taxis (converted VW bugs). We really enjoyed the guided tour.
  9. 624 days .... oy that seems so far away. Just booked the Miracle (again - we were on her in Nov for a Mexican Riviera cruise) for Oct 2021 out of San Diego. This time we are taking the kids (and girlfriends)... 7 in total. 3 of us know, the others don't yet. It's a surprise for DH.
  10. We live about an hour and a half from Long Beach and about 2 hours from San Diego. I would have no problem driving in the day of to both ports. We had been considering a drive to sail out of the port of Galveston. But we would only do that days before AND because it would include a stop in San Antonio to visit family. I don't think imwould consider more than a few hours on the day of sailing.
  11. We were just off the Miracle Nov 16. I enjoyed her so much, I am looking at another sailing in 2021. The upgrades, I think, will only make her better.
  12. We just got off the Miracle yesterday. Heading into Mazatlan (2 AM Tues morning) the ship did a time change, and we 'lost' an hour. So ship's time was same as port time for both Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta. After we left PV, (2 AM Thurs morning) we changed back, and 'gained' that hour back.
  13. No, you (general) cannot ask for documentation or paperwork. Nor can a person ask what condition you have to warrant a service animal. You CAN ask what service the animal provides. Ex: seeing eye dog, dog who helps a person using a wheelchair, helps someone with epilepsy or seizures. Emotional support or help with anxiety (even PTSD) is not a service and is therefore, not covered by the ADA. No proper service dog would ever be unsocialized, snappy, aggressive or bite without provocation. A proper service dog would be 'bullet-proof'.
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