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  1. No, you (general) cannot ask for documentation or paperwork. Nor can a person ask what condition you have to warrant a service animal. You CAN ask what service the animal provides. Ex: seeing eye dog, dog who helps a person using a wheelchair, helps someone with epilepsy or seizures. Emotional support or help with anxiety (even PTSD) is not a service and is therefore, not covered by the ADA. No proper service dog would ever be unsocialized, snappy, aggressive or bite without provocation. A proper service dog would be 'bullet-proof'.
  2. Me too! We will be sailing on November 9th to Mexico. Our only other ship was a Fantasy class ship.
  3. 90 days!!!! I just completed our online check in. Have our boarding time set up as well.
  4. DH and I will be on the Miracle in November as well. Sailing the 9th. We will be celebrating our 25th anniversary. I plan to order the room decorations and the cake as a surprise for DH.
  5. I have a question:Is there a way to change your dining time? When I booked our cruise (Miracle Nov 2019) I only had the option of early or late dining. I would really prefer YTD, as DH would much prefer a table for 2 over sharing a table. TIA
  6. I just bought this set at Costco myself. The reviews were mostly 4/5 stars and I figured with Costco's return policy it would be a win/win. I havent used the set to fly, but I did have an unexpected chance to use the small one last weekend. It seemed to work well.
  7. 127 days I just bought new luggage today for the trip.
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