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  1. Just got back from a 10 day cruise on the carnival sunrise and was very diappointed in the ship. The make over did nothing for it. The upgraded the cabins to make it for more people to be on the ship. This was a horrible idea. It has became way over crowded. Several times we had no place to eat and had to take food back to the room. Food was mediocre at best several times did we end up with cold food or soggy food from the deli. The smoke from the casino was horrible. No ventilation at all. And it travels through out the ship and you can smell it all over. For the only place to smoke is the casino it's in a horrible place bc it's right in the middle of the ship so you gotta walk through it to get to anywhere you really want to go. It also did not have very many activities for the kids compared to other fleets like royal carribean.
  2. Thanks for the replies everyone. So I'm thinking about just leaving cooker at home and using the diaper bag. But am I going to run into the same problem with that bc it is a backpack type diaper bag and has one pocket that insulated for bottles?
  3. So if I would put the cooler in my suit case bc it collapse to nothing. could I use it on board then? And could I take it off the ship and bring it back on at ports? Main reason for taking it would be to keep drinks and stuff cold for kids a one year old and 8 year old while at ports
  4. Going to be cruising on carnival sunrise in a couple weeks for 10 days and have 4 people in our cabin. From my understanding we can bring 48 cans of soda on board? I have a backpack cooler that can hold that many but is a tad bit bigger then the 12x12 rule. Could I use the backpack cooler as a carry on to make it easier for transporting the drinks?
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