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  1. They put little tags in each item to match it back to you. We mixed laundry with no issue, and the steward said something about making sure we itemized so he could make sure we get all pieces back. I was pleasantly surprised by how large the bag was and absolutely thought it was worth $20 to be able to pack less.
  2. Yes, they are hard plastic, so they go home and get used there. We are only packing 6 total. Similar material to what a reusable water bottle is made of (which I have been traveling with for at least a decade before it became cool - hatr disposable plastic bottles). At home most of our cups have reusable straws already. I do like using a straw but rarely use disposable. Now, I have to admit I do use a number of disposable travel toiletries...
  3. I picked up some hard plastic (not silicone) straws on Amazon this week for about $10. They can be cut down, so we cut some to highball height, some to regular glass, and left some their original length. Put them in a little plastic pouch and I'm good to go. I hate metal straws. I looked at some of the collapsible ones but they looked like a nightmare to clean, or the issue with the silicone collapsible ones is the long length wouldn't work for shorter glasses.
  4. We are on the 6/2 Bliss sailing. Got a similar email from our travel agent, although oddly the itinerary hasn't changed in the app/website. And ours wasn't additional time, it was a reduction in time by 30 - 60 minutes in Ketchikan (arriving at 7 am instead of 6 am) and Victoria (arriving 8:30 instead of 8). So that is odd. I would be so pissed if we missed Skagway, I'm sorry to heat about that experience on the Joy. It is the only long port! Especially since Joy doesn't hit Glacier Bay either, I believe. I'm wondering if the 5 PM departure time changes boarding times? I mentioned a few days ago, because we booked and checked in only about 9 days ahead of sailing, our only pier check in time options were 1:30-2 or 2-2:30, which didn't make sense with a 3:30 sailing. So I'm thinking arrival times stay the same and it is just allowing time for muster drill etc.
  5. No, it has not changed on the itinerary.
  6. :-0 I hope not. We depart on the Bliss Sunday. Losing Skagway would be a major hit to our port schedule since the others are so short, half days at most.
  7. Thanks! We are on the June 2 sailing. You said laundry bag day was Wednesday, do you remember what day it would get returned?
  8. Thanks. Yes, I am sure and I also saw the 2 hour note so was surprised as well. Maybe the 3:30 departure time isn't the actual time?
  9. We booked a fairly last-minute sailing on the Bliss out of Seattle, booking just 11 days before departure. Of course, that means nearly all the available reservations for restaurants, shows, etc. online are filled up. I know many are held back for onboard booking, but have also read many are completely gone by 1 PM the day of embarkation. And of course, it also meant all the good arrival times were taken. Our options were 1:30 or 2 for a 3:30 sailing. How tightly is the arrival time enforced with NCL at Seattle? I'd just like to have a shot at getting a couple of reservations, that is the only reason I am distressed about this late arrival time. I'd prefer to turn up around 10:30 from what I've read, if it isn't enforced.
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