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  1. I got aggravated and disputed my charge with American Express yesterday. I requested my refund on March 5 and almost 70 days later nothing, so I took matters in my own hand. I was due almost $3200 and I needed to have it to make other plans for a vacation.
  2. I requested my refund on March 5 and still nothing. Carnival owes me around $2500. I am putting off any other vacation till I get this refund. I am seeing ppl that requested refund after me getting their refund, so I am hopeful mine is coming soon. Still doesn't calm my nerves though. Fingers crossed I will get mine this week. I know I am in same shoes as a lot of ppl here, but thanks for letting me vent.....again!!
  3. Still waiting on my refund of $2700 I asked for on 3/9. Almost 60 days and nothing. Gives me hope when I see refunds coming though.
  4. Those that have already gotten a refund when was your cruise & when was refund asked for? My cruise was May 24 & I asked for refund on March 9. Still nothing. Wonder if they are going by cruise date or refund request date.
  5. I canceled by cruise on March 5. Was told 5-10 days. Called March 27 was told refund was processed on March 25th. Told me now it would be 30-90 days. Still no refund to date. Caught btw anxously waiting or patiently waiting. Hopefully I will get something soon!
  6. Looking at booking our second cruise and curious if I need a travel agent. I can arraign and book my family cruise, but wondering if there was a benefit to allow the agent to do the legwork for me? Please advise..... TIA.
  7. I have looked, and can't find the answer to what I need to know. We have 2 formal nights on our Carnival cruise. My family has to pack light for our cruise, and I also don't want to go out and buy formal attire that we will not wear again. I want this cruise to be fun and stressfree. My question is if my husband and son wear khakis and button down on formal night will we be able to eat in the dining room or will we just need to go to the buffet?
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