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  1. As do we. Of the two cruises we have this year and the two next year with Marella, only one of them has been fly cruise. The other three have been cruise only and we arrive a day or two before and stay a day or two after. I assume wherever you're flying from is charging you a lot more for luggage than we are seeing here in the UK? Easyjet charge £25 per case (up to 23KG) per flight and Ryanair (the other one we use) approx £20 per case per flight (up to 20KG) which isnt a big hill of beans, given the overall cost of a cruise. So an extra £50 each gives us 30KG each instead of 10.
  2. No problem. I've heard it commented that airport -> port is 45 mins so thats for definite. We're going next March and staying in Playas De Las Americas for a couple of nights first and travelling up. We're allowing for an hour to do it from there. Not sure on the other one, hence i checked google maps, but it sounds about right given the distances and the other journey time
  3. You'll be grand. They'll take you straight to the ship an onboard you. Its all very slick end to end.
  4. Eh? 10KG? Weight allowance is 30KG including 10KG hand luggage, which allows you 20KG of hold luggage.
  5. As above, you'll be able to get on board. We did cruise only with Dream in March and arrive around 11:30. No issues getting on. Are you making your own way to the ship or via TUI flight?
  6. My brain didnt equate the fact that there was more than one flight from more than one destination there in the sequencing. D'oh! We are flying from Belfast @ 05:40. Where are you flying from and what time?
  7. I think you'd find it worth it. Your £50 per week gets you the coffee upgrade, canned soft drinks and 1.5 litres of water each to the room. These are handy to take with you on day trips or for overnight use.
  8. About 45 mins from the Airport to the Port. It looks like about 1hr 30 - 1hr 45 to Los Gigantes from the Port.
  9. What number is your boarding passes? We are 5 & 6. I thought we were quick off the mark but four people beat us to it!
  10. No. This is wrong. Its 20KG hold luggage, 10KG hand luggage. That is confirmed and on my current boarding pass (for 14th September). You can upgrade your hold luggage allowance but no single bag can weigh more than 23KG.
  11. I see some had answered you already, but yes, thats what we did. We stayed on the ship and availed of the hospitality on board for breakfast, cocktails, lunch, afternoon tea, then departed 🙂
  12. I think you have misunderstood what happens. You will have to leave your room quite early on but you stay onboard the ship until your transfer. There is no requirement to leave the ship then come back for your transfer to the airport.
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