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  1. 13 minutes ago, terrierjohn said:

    There seem to be a few posts commenting on such issues, it seems their new system is quite unstable, you just have to keep trying.

    Nooooooo. We went with ncl in august and they had just implemented a new system too. We are jinxed lol. But thank you. Thought it was just me 

  2. Sorry if its here and i haven’t found it but i have searched for 2 days lol


    we are tying to find a current price list for the cocktails in order to determine if we are going to buy the drinks package


    thank you in advance and hope this doesn’t upset too many of you if i have been a bit of a numpty and missed it 🤦🏼‍♀️

  3. On 7/14/2019 at 10:01 PM, ceilidh1 said:

    I'm having the same issue and don't have any air promo/flights with my booking. I got the email a while back that they were ready and I was able to see them. However, now it says edocs not available and I can't access/download them. We are around 78 days out and I know others on my rollcall have downloaded their docs. I tried calling last week but gave up after 40 minutes on hold....

    Yes. That’s about where we are but we are 30 days out now. Got luggage tags through the post and the in-laws have printed their edocs a few weeks ago for the same cruise. We still cant print. Annoying but nothing we can do i guess. 

  4. 1 hour ago, KeithJenner said:

    Haven get their luggage tags posted, but I've never heard of them getting E-Docs sent. We certainly had to print ours the one time we were in a suite.



    Thank you. I thought the docs was a strange thing to be posted. Luggage tags makes sense though. 

  5. It says our docs are ready but we cant print them either. We are 42 days out. 


    My in-laws, on the same cruise have theirs printed no problem. I have been told that haven get theirs posted so maybe that’s why we cant print ours?  Not sure how true that is though so we will keep looking to print them 

  6. 15 hours ago, tigger_ag said:

    So probably not the most helpful but we flew from the states and landed in Dusseldorf and then flew into Copenhagen.  We landed in Copenhagen to lost luggage.  After dealing with the lost luggage and everything it only took us about an hour to get from the airport to the cruise terminal and we took public transportation all the way - train and then a bus. 


    The transit system had a really good timeline to verify schedules as well.


    Hope this helps a little bit.


    Yes thanks. We can roughly work out the timings now. Thank you ☺️ 

  7. We are now travelling with the in-laws (they had to go 3 days earlier to copenhagen). 


    Can anyone who has flown from the uk, Manchester SAS flight, landing at 12;45 in cpnhgn, give us a rough time that they got to the ship please. 


    We are tying to arrange getting there at the same time as they have not cruised before and want to board at the same time. 


    Thank you for any help 😊 


  8. 5 minutes ago, SeaShark said:


    To answer your opening question, you contact them the same way in which you did before they had your money...thru your booking agent.


    Since medical assistance is required, have you contacted and registered this need through NCL's access department as required?


    Another aside...If you haven't been given a flight booking reference number, how do you know that you will be flying SAS airline?


    We have tried contacting ncl as the cruise was booked direct. However once you book it seems they just put you on hold. Our itinerary from ncl has the flight and flight number on it. Hence we know it is sas. I may be a noob to ncl however we have done over 40 cruises with other (it seems better) cruiselines than ncl. Who do have a customer services line in the uk where one can get assistance


    but thank you for your answer even though it didn’t answer my question at all 😘😘

  9. We have a cruise booked but need to know flight booking reference number so that we can organise medical assistance. SAS airline wont do anything for us until we have this info. 


    Does anyone know how i can get in touch with them in the uk?  All numbers they have in their websites are not even answering. Been trying for over 2 weeks now. 

  10. For personal reasons we find we have to stay in touch with home. We always get the Wi-fi packages on ships and know they can be tricky to say the least. However,  please can someone tell me the package price for maximum internet/Wi-fi so that we can use our phones to the full extent. We will need to skype/FaceTime and make calls/text. 


    Thank you you for any help you can give x

  11. 2 hours ago, Birdie And Sue said:

    They have this neat new invention call a telephone... 🤩

    I have tried and tried calling them to no avail. It just keeps on ringing. Then when you do get through to a human they put you on hold to connect you to the correct department and then you get cut off. There is no speedy number in the u.k. That i have found sadly. 

  12. 1 hour ago, northernrose said:

    we will embarking on Getaway Haven in Copenhagen .
    Have you embarked at Copenhagen?
    Are there special line for Haven guests?
    What time did you go to the pier to get abroad?

    We are doing the same 18th august. Will be interesting to see comments. Thank you for asking x


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