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  1. Now thats a great idea i my hubby has the machine but my mobility isnt best 🙄 what a pair we are 😂😂😂😂
  2. Thank you. We have the extension lead and the adaptor as I’m assuming it will be US sockets
  3. For those that have taken cpap machines on board, can you tell me if ncl provided the distilled water that is needed please? Thank you for hour help x
  4. How did u know it was the veuve 😂😂. Along with the better liqueurs for the cocktails mmmmmmmm oh and dont forget the bottled water 😇😇
  5. Yep we are upgrading from the premium thats included to the top package we can get hehe its not only for the coffee 😜 but that starts us off for the day
  6. Tried asking this elsewhere but they dont get what i mean lol we are on getaway in august. I believe there is a Starbucks (or speciality coffee shop) where the top drinks package allows you to get coffee at no surcharge included in the package. Does anyone know if we can get coffee at no surcharge early in the mornings. On another cruise line we had to pay full coffee cost (even though is was covered by purchased package) if we wanted a coffee before 10am. Hope that makes sense
  7. Thank you. Can’t go without a bit of "clash of clans" when hubby is in the casino 😂😂😂
  8. Ooooo will use theirs then. I don’t wash my own hair (too much faff lol) I go to salon instead for pamper sesh thank you flcruisegrl 😘
  9. Sorry if this has been asked before but I can’t find any info. Does anyone one know what brand of shower/bath products are provided please. Just wondering if to pack my my preferred ones 😉
  10. Ouch. Sorry but all i asked was did it allow to play a game as in not interested in social media facility which it seems to push.
  11. Yes. We dont collect at Copenhagen. The cruise line usually does that
  12. We are used to flying out to USA to get on a Disney cruise. They do everything but Europe seems a different entity. Praying they are organized just like when we travel to USA xx
  13. Are there going to be any formal or themed nights. We always throw ourselves in and do everything full on. However we have been told no formal but maybe a “white “ night.
  14. So, from a totally dumb unwise owl. I play a game that needs internet, will i be able to play it or not if we get the maximum package? We do on other cruise lines but this one seems more complicated for a dufuss like me 😂😂🤪
  15. Yes. Bonded as in we pass it over at ticket check-in in the uk, then the next time we see it is outside out cabin door on the ship. 😃
  16. We are travelling 18th august on getaway from Manchester, uk. Never been with ncl before but can anyone tell me if luggage is bonded or not please thank you for any help 😘
  17. We are new to ncl. Mainly been with Disney cruise line. We have a haven suite but cant find anywhere that states a limit on how many times are free in the speciality dining restaurants. Any comments would be gratefully appreciated xx
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