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  1. When you requested a new room, did they charge or give you a hard time?
  2. Do you know if you have to request 2 loungers and 2 chairs, or are they usually set up that way.
  3. I have a large forward balcony. I'm a bit worried about people throwing/dropping things from above onto our balcony, is this an unreasonable fear? I just noticed that half the balcony is exposed to x amount of floors above. Also, does 70ft really feel that much bigger than 30 something ft? I'm having a hard time imagining it. Also, at this level (deck 9 forward) do you really feel the rocking? My boyfriend has a hard time with motion sickness.
  4. I've been keeping my eye on the weather in Bermuda and it looks like it will be thunder-storming the entire duration. Now, I know the weather is subject to change and it could be storming on one part of the island, but not the other, but this has me worried. To top things off, on embarkment day in NYC it's supposed to skyrocket to over 100 degrees this weekend. Has anyone ever encountered this, where your entire sailing week is subjected to unpleasant weather? What did you do during your trip? For those who have visited Bermuda during bad weather, what did you end up doing? Would you still go out exploring during lightening showers?
  5. How do you know if you're eligible for the Free air?
  6. Damn, that's such a good idea! I should have done that with my partner after switching our rooms higher.
  7. Are there sale tax at the restaurants in Bermuda? Did you think it was worth the expense of dining there if you're a big foodie? My partner and I usually explore a lot of NYC and LA restaurants and actually have heard of Chef Marcus Samuelsson prior. We've been wanting to try his Hot Honey Yardbird at Red Rooster, but not sure if we should save the trip for home in NY or give his place in Bermuda a shot. I think we were mainly looking to try those Fish Chowder Bites and the like. My partner really wants to try the best Fish Chowder the island has to offer, we're not exactly sure where that is, so if anyone has suggestions, please feel free to share! (Or any place that has local, fresh fish in general and not imported).
  8. The Cruise director hosts the majority of the events and is the main 'personality' of the ship. They can really elevate the entertainment. In 2017 we had Daniel "Dan Dan" Cuasito on the Breakaway. This man was a delight. His commentary was spot on and after he belted out 'Time to say goodbye' by Andrea Bocelli, that blew me away. The audience was in complete shock, that performance was one of the highlights of the ship and completely unexpected. He was really top tier and I'm usually hard to impress. I guess once you have someone as vivid, witty and funny as Dan Dan, you look forward to a good host.
  9. Ohh what did you order from Food Republic? We're looking to go there. And do you remeber who your cruise director was in April?
  10. Also, don't feel the need to answer all of these questions! 1 or 2 would be enough 😅
  11. I'm going to check back in with this thread when I board this Sunday. Hoping it will help with other cruisers' planning with a confirmed answer by the staff.
  12. Hey everyone, I'm about to set sail and I've been bursting with questions (super inquisitive). If anyone could answer or all of these (my god..), that would be greatly appreciated! I'm sure I asked enough for a FAQ ( : Hopefully these questions will help future cruisers who stumble across this thread Escape Questions Who is the current Cruise director for July? Is there a way to get more than one towel per guest for free (but all returned by the end of the day)? What happens if you miss your specialty dining reservation? Are you charged a small fee? What type of guest game shows/contests are there (such as Mr. Sexy legs) What water is used in the Grotto (Chlorine, Salt, etc)? Odd, question and probably hard to answer but asked with good reason (for people who poor immune responses) How often is the pool cleaned? Do the Sofa cushions in the balcony rooms get deep cleaned/sanitized every week when a new set of guests arrive? If you ask for your refrigerator contents to be removed, do you ask your steward directly, or do you need to call someone? Are you often given a hard time for this? Personal questions: What was your best use of free On-Board credit and why? Where is the best place to disembark from to watch the views of the statue of liberty, etc? Has anyone ever dined at a restaurant in Bermuda (such as Marcus, Devil's Isle, etc) What is something you would not pay for again!
  13. Thank you for all this information, it has been ridiculously helpful and put me at ease with the location. I guess there isn't anything 'perfect' and this room seems lovely!
  14. Ohh that's a great idea! But I wonder how sturdy/unbreakable it really is. Can't go just by amazon reviews
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