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  1. I haven't watched the HBO documentary, but feel like I pretty much followed the story live via posts here on CC which led me to following Dave and Sally Abel on FB and youtube as it was happening.
  2. Will one party requesting the refund in place of fcc trigger the process for both parties or must both parties submit the request?
  3. Must this be done through travel agent or can I contact Royal directly to request refund instead of fcc?
  4. Barry Williams (of The Brady Bunch) 1999 on Majesty of the Seas Bobby Arvon (Happy Days theme song) 2009 Grandeur of the Seas Travis LeDoyt (young Elvis tribute) 2019 Adventure of the Seas - enjoyed so much we went back for the second show
  5. No doubt, just offering a suggestion as you stated in your first post you wished to replace it but could no longer find it on the ships. Anyone remember this?
  6. There are some videos of 6414 on Liberty on youtube.
  7. Any options if their choice of the "best available stateroom" in your category is not what you want?
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