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  1. "Q : Are Future Cruise Credits interchangeable between Royal Caribbean’s family of brands? A : No, you’ll have to apply your Future Cruise Credit to a future cruise onboard Royal Caribbean International." https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-with-confidence
  2. Hard to believe the thread you were looking for was started 10 years ago! Congratulations on booking 7688!
  3. I think there has been a little work for the U.S. Navy done in that area.
  4. I googled "Royal Caribbean Brilliance compasses" and found a website where it is posted. We can't link to that website here.
  5. Yes, they did, but it took several days.
  6. I believe, according to David Abel, they were supplied with nicotine patches/gum.
  7. If you do go, be sure to wear shoes with good support and good soles - the cobble stone streets/walkways at Altos de Chavon are tough on your feet.
  8. I haven't found any recent information, but this is the link to the thread I read before my trip there in April 2017 - and this video -
  9. Check out videos on YouTube - just do a search for "La Romana port". I visited in April 2017 and used the shuttle bus to go to Altos de Chavon.
  10. St. Kitts Grand Tour https://www.thenfordgreytours.com/
  11. Here is a video tour of 7042, next door to 7040. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GwsGPULMiZk
  12. OK - you want to go in March (less than two months) you want to go for 5 days you want to try another line (not Carnival, not Royal Caribbean) So - your choices (for Bahamas/Caribbean) appear to be - Celebrity Infinity (from Miami) Norwegian Sky or Pearl (from Miami) Norwegian Sun (from PC)
  13. That is quite an increase! I have done the trolley my last two times to Key West since each time I was with a first timer. At that price, I doubt I would be inclined to do it again.
  14. https://www.heraldtribune.com/news/20140413/is-night-swimming-illegal "As a general rule, most communal pools and spas in Florida, including those at hotels, motels and residential communities, are considered “public pools” and are governed by Chapter 514, Florida Statutes and Chapter 64E-9, Florida Administrative Code (FAC), except to the extent that a specific exemption applies. Applicable law prohibits “night swimming” unless the lighting requirements of Section 64E-9.006(2)(c), FAC are met. A community that does not meet those requirements must ban pool or spa use from a half-hour before sunset until a half-hour after sunrise. This ban must be posted as part of the pool rules and regulations." I googled the question and found this information on several websites.
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