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  1. There are free yellow golf carts now. Saw other posts saying they had problems finding them, but we used them all of the time the first week of Feb. Usual wait time was less than 15 min; longest was 45 min 1 time at Morrow. Hubby has mobility issues and can't walk distances, so they were great for us.
  2. Also just back from a Summit Cruise, probably the same as davekathy. Our select dining was always on the lower level (4).
  3. IIRC, scooter on pier shouldn't be a problem. But one on Thenford's tour I would think would be a problem. They're real good about responding to emails, so ask them.
  4. I paid Spencer $10 + $1 service fee each using PayPal then cash for the balance before getting on their boat. I think the web site says you can prepay the entire amt via PayPal if you choose. If you're new to PayPal, it's been so many years since I set mine up that I can't remember much other than it was easy. Mine is linked to a credit card, not a bank account.
  5. Based on reviews here and at TripAdvisor, we took this tour last week. Want to add my recommendation to the others. From the moment of pick up to the return to the ship, don't think we could have been in better hands. The ticket taker turned out to be Spencer's daughter and she took us under her wing to make sure that my hubby's limited mobility (difficulty with long walks/uneven sufaces) was not a barrier to our enjoyment. We are most grateful. Our speedboat crew, Ryan and Lucky, were great and also were always there to provide assistance. We wanted to see a little more than just the be
  6. We did the Spenser's tour with the volcano option. Speed boats to the Pitons and a beach stop between them. Staff was most supportive of my hubby's mobilty issues, so would imagine they would also be good with young children. I wouldn't worry at all about getting back to ship on time. This is their business and they know it's highly important for guests to return to their ship leisurely. We had a great time.
  7. Based on reviews here, did this tour last week and want to add another recommendation. Thenford was our guide and we found him to be knowledgeable, articulate and most helpful in dealing with my hubby's mobility issues. His nephew was our skillful driver. We left the tour feeling that we had seen the best parts from folks who were proud to show their island.
  8. We did the Grey Grand Tour last week and enjoyed it immensely. Hubby has mobility issues too - cannot walk long distances and uneven sufaces are a problem. Thenford was an articulate guide, proud of his island, and most helpful thoughout our tour. Don't know if this tour would be doable if a wheelchair is needed though. Suggest you contact them and ask. Seems like a small, family run business and am confident that if they say they can do it for your folks, they will provide an excellent tour. Am also confident that if they can't work with a wheelchair, they will be honest about it and pe
  9. We had great mofongos at Punto de Vista also. Not a mojito fan, but they had super, large pina coladas for $5 in the afternoon. No waiting for us the 2 afternoon times we visited last week. They do not take reservations.
  10. Walked the trail from the gate to El Morro last week. There's an access path from the end of the trail up to the ocean side lawn in the front of the fort - 109 steps total that I counted. There are several kitty habitats along the trail and I saw a couple dozen cats. Beautiful walk. Free yellow golf carts stop regularly. Took them 3 times and the longest wait was 45 min, others were less than 15 min.
  11. Could you pay for taxi with credit card? I'm trying to figure out how much cash I'll have to take on my trip in a couple of weeks.
  12. Confused on what to expect. Having only taken 1 trip so far and from what I'd researched then, $5-$10 seemed to be the range. However, at my departure airport, porter was offended that I didn't offer at least $20. 🤔 At airports, assists to change planes (American and Alaska Airlines) were pleasant, efficient and they left quickly after I thanked them but before I could offer them anything. 😮 Same was true with embarking the Princess ship. Those personnel just seemed to treat the assistance as an included part of their service and seemed to be focused on getting to the next person that neede
  13. There's a thread on Princess discussing the same thing if you're interested... https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2632361-celebrity-versus-princess/#comments
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