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  1. I don’t have At &t or Verizon. I have US cellular ! The WiFi has been great so far ! Teens are happy 😃. Just finished listening to some Neil Diamond in the Atrium. Heading to Spinnaker for some Beatles by Prism.
  2. I am on the gem now and we just upgraded today. We had gotten the 250 minutes free, which = $125. So we upgraded to basic 13 days at 24.99 = $324.87 - $125 = $199.87. Paige
  3. Thank you for the wonderful reviews. We just got on. Waiting to depart!! One quick question did you here the people in the room next to you? We got on and we could here them. So loud!!
  4. Thank you so much for all this wonderful information. Just curious where was your Applebee’s lookalike meal as I have teens !! Also the noodle soup, is that in Buffett area? Can’t wait to board on Saturday ! Paige
  5. Bummer about Prime Rib. I know it was the last evening of our cruise in Hawaii it was on the main dinner menu.
  6. Where did you see the upgrade package, when you logged into your free 250 minutes to upgrade ? Also what do you use to log off? www.logoff.com?? I read somewhere.
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