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  1. We got back yesterday:( :(. It was our first cruise and we upgraded and it was well worth it. We are both coffee snobs and 2 coffees per day from the port, canned coke and sprite plus my love of red wine and other half's love of cocktails easily justified it!
  2. Hi all Do the cabins have hairdryers or irons? Also I heard TUI may have relaxed their policy on travel irons, which I guess answers the second part of my question! Cheers
  3. Hi all Well I'm off on my maiden cruise and I'm starting to get a little excited. I have some final questions for you: 1. Whilst I know towels are included in the cabins, would we need to take towels for the pool and would we be allowed to take them off board for a beach day? 2. my 17 year old son has no trousers at all, will be ok in smart jeans in the restaurants? (saying that I only have chinos!!) 3. It appears I can't get decent coffee before 10am....i might struggle with that, usually on my 3rd by then. Is there coffee in the cabin? Regards Mike
  4. Hi there First ever cruise in a couple of weeks and have a question 're meal times. Can I book our sitting times in advance of the cruise? We don't like eating early and would really prefer the later slot. Any tips greatly appreciated. Regards Mike
  5. Thank you kruzseeka, that makes an awful lot of sense.
  6. Hi all Considering the 'Classical sights and Vatican City' excursion whilst on the Discovery 2 in August, is it worth It? Feels expensive but then does this include entrance to sights? Cheers all
  7. Thank you all for the advice so far, this is great for me. Unfortunately I have fell somewhat at the first hurdle and have been unable to secure cabins close to each other:( we are on the same deck but not particularly close. I do have the chance to move one of the cabins mid-cruise to get close, is this worth the hassle of moving?
  8. Hi all This will be my first cruise, I'm used to villas and as the cook and shopper this is going to be a shock to my system. Anyway, I've searched the boards for answers but have some unanswered questions, hopefully you guys can stear me (;)) in the right direction. So there are 7 of us, me, my partner, our three teenage kids (14,17 &19) and my elderly parents. We have 2 deluxe balcony cabins and for the kids an inside cabin plus on deck 7/8. We are doing 2 weeks mid-August , highlights of the med followed by cosmopolitan classics. So my questions: 1.We would ideally like the cabins as close to each other as possible, is it worth paying the £50 per cabin to try and achieve this? 2. The kids are already asking about Wi-Fi. have told them to expect nothing but would like to try and get some without paying a fortune, any tips? 3. I will research where we stop and target some trips, am I better off paying for taxis as opposed to excursions? 4. is it worth upgrading the drinks package? none of us are real spirit drinkers, the odd gin maybe. 2 of us like one or 2 coffees a day. happy with standard beer and wine, the other half likes champagne:( 5.should we book into the premium restaurants asap? would like 2 or 3 across the 2 weeks. 6. do i need a tux?! Or is every night casual, even in the premium restaurants Cheers for any advice!!
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