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  1. With A previous cruise, dining was grouped and that worked out well imho. One possibility is that they could Ask if you wanted to dine with another couple. If no, that wouldn’t be a problem. As for wheelchair/scooter accommodations, moving one chair from the end of an aisle to the other end of the aisle is simple, easy, and the right thing to do. A customer focused corporation should allow a ship’s officer the Freedom to use his good judgement.
  2. Enjoyed the cruise and will cruise again but have a couple of problems. 1- Very disappointed with the treatment of wheelchair guests in the theater. The only accommodations for wheelchairs are tucked in the corner. Suggested to cruise director that chairs be moved so up to 4 wheel chairs/scooters would have a good view of entertainment. Response was corporate gobbledygook that any changes needed to be done fleet wide. It’s absurd that the cruise director can’t move a chair to accommodate a wheelchair because it is the right thing!! It was sad watching a woman in a wheelchair watching the show all by herself. 2- went to bingo and after giving my payment learned that the $2,000 jackpot was paid ONLY with a coverall in 47 numbers. The odds of a coverall in 50 numbers is 1 in 212,000. That information should be given up front. 3- The staff did nothing to encourage mingling in the dining room 4- Excellent choice of ports
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