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  1. I did a ghost booking with an inside room (not ocean room and above)......as stated in your reply???
  2. Has anyone getting "Cheers ' included ...offers....I've NEVER seen this before, i get a lot of offers, have cruised a lot but not seen this before.....
  3. hmmm....my 8 day on the magic in april is cancelled but no 8 days to book until nov / 21....UGH
  4. If my April 2021 cruise is cancelled...do I assume that all my onboard credits are also gone?
  5. Hey...don't get me wrong...I LOVE CRUISING....I wouldn't be afraid of catching covid on the ship....it would be from the airport to the ship...
  6. My Alaskan May cruise was cancelled, I rebooked for next April (caribbean)....base rate was transferred to new cruise. I have a very small final payment due January 24/21...Problem here is...I've been reading that we might not be able to even get off the ship at the ports unless you have a CARNIVAL excursion booked. I'm sorry, I cruise for the ports....so I might want to cancel but not sure how much I will lose....I don't have cancellation insurance so not sure if it is based on how close to the cruise you are....
  7. Where do i look to see how much it will cost me if I cancel...ugh
  8. Wait....What? Only leave the ship if you are doing an excursion? Did I miss something
  9. This option also came with a $600.00 on board credit. I have a question. The cruise I am looking at is through an offer I received. This offer comes with a $500.00 on board credit. Would I be entitled to both OBC'S
  10. Yes I do believe you are correct, now that I think about it. I understand that I will have a FCC but that I would be receiving a refund for the taxes and also for the prepaid gratuities. Only the BASE cruise amount would be FCC...AS that is what we selected....Am I correct?
  11. I want to book a future cruise but have not got refund for cruise cancelled back in mid March! I have a great offer I want to use but expires at the end of August....UGH I CAN'T book until I get the refund and FCC processed....Such a MESS
  12. I have to agree with you. My Alaskan cruise in May was cancelled of course....I just can't bring myself to book anything in the near future....too risky!
  13. Sorry...yes....I am going on an Alaska cruise out of San Fran...I shouldn't have put Alaska. Just want to find out actually if anyone has used alcatrazislandtickets.com and if they had any problems., thx
  14. I'm not sure where to look for my answer here....so I will just ask....Which Alcatraz Tour website is legit...I got scammed already once and don't want to make the same mistake....???Anyone?
  15. HI...Does not have to be Carnival. Looking at 2021....Santorini, Mykonos
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