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  1. Has anyone contacted Princess about extending the expiry date and not getting the extension?
  2. My parents and I did the British Isles cruise last summer. When completed, I received 2 cruise credits but my parents only received 1 each. Also, we have rebooked our cancelled cruise for next summer. I am getting 2 credits for the future cruise credit and again my parents are only getting 1 each. Can anyone explain? Thanks
  3. I apologize for this as I know this has been asked and answered before. Can you use the FCC to pay for the deposit when booking the cruise? Thanks
  4. It is sad. I was supposed to be on the Caribbean in July.
  5. There goes my vacation. Supposed to do the Canada and Colonial America in July on the Caribbean.
  6. If cancel cruise this summer and rebook for same cruise next year, would we be able to keep our perks for the new cruise? With the current cruise, we have paid gratuities, OBC, beverage package, wifi, etc. Anyone cancel and rebook same cruise and keep their perks?
  7. Anyone booked on this? My parents and I are. Have not cancelled yet but leaning towards cancelling. As of now, the CDC's no sail order only ends 6 days before sailing and all ports are on the eastern US coast and into Canada. No cruise ships allowed into Canada until July 1, but I expect that to be extended. Travel to the US is still restricted (I live in Canada) and my province does not want anyone to travel outside the province. Anyone still plan on going?
  8. Our payment date was changed to the 60 days. Cruise is in July and payment now due in May. Confirmed this with my TA yesterday.
  9. I am wondering what will happen to the July sailings. My cruise starts on July 25, Canada and Colonial America from Fort Lauderdale. Stops in 5 US ports and 3 Canadian ports. The CDC's 100 days ends in the middle of July. Hopefully, if final payment is made and Princess cancels the cruise, the same two options are available.
  10. Ignore post. Just received an email from Princess explaining why I received the cheque. Had to do with some issues I was having onboard.
  11. Has anyone had non-refundable OBC returned to them? Just got off the Crown and had $250 in non-refundable credits as part of my booking from Princess. On my statement on disembarkation day, I had $29.00 left which clearly said non-refundable. To my surprise, received a cheque in the mail today for that amount.
  12. I think this has been asked and answered before, but does my father need a blazer with his shirt and tie on the formal nights? Will just the dress shirt and tie do? Thanks
  13. Anyone know how to print off the Ocean Ready pass from the iPhone 6s? Went into Ocean.com but nothing there to print it either.
  14. My passport was entered and it was accepted. Logged in now to finish Ocesn Ready and my passport section is now red. Anyone know how to fix this?
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