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  1. Thank you! It’s going to be the Mariner — seems like it’ll be hibachi! Trying to sleuth out what all is included for the meal. Thanks again!
  2. Hi all! just booked our next cruise and were looking to try Izumi. I was on the Cruise Planner and saw it was $39/person, but also said it was a la carte. Did some research online but couldn’t find any clear answer. Would love your input! Thank you!
  3. Got a call for the first time from a Royal Vacation Planner — is it worth it to use these services? We are thinking of our next cruise, so good timing on RCI’s part!
  4. Hi all, with our first 4 day cruise we got expedited boarding. We are on HOTS and did not receive it this go around. Is there a chance it gets added on prior? We are only C&A gold, but it says priority check in is a perk. Does that mean expedited? would love to hear your experiences!
  5. Thanks, all! That does make sense for decorations to go up first and then we’ll see when the strawberries arrive. Makes it a surprise for me too LOL. Thanks again!
  6. Hi all! Upcoming cruise on the harmony of the seas. I ordered some room decor/gifts for someone in my party (champagne + strawberries). Will that be all set up on Day One or cruising? I set that as the delivery date and wrote to please have it set up upon boarding. Has anyone had any experience with this? Thanks!
  7. That’s what I was thinking too — looked more on the app and it said that one excursion will go until 8:15, which support a 9pm sail. 🙂 Thank you!
  8. Hi all, Upcoming cruise next months on HOTS. The app has a different time of arrival and no “all aboard” time — our edocs say arrival at 2pm depart at 9pm. I figure the edocs are probably right, but wanted to check!
  9. Has anyone done the cupcake decorating class? Considering signing up on HOTS, but want to know if it is worth it. Thanks!!
  10. Hi all! Upcoming cruise on the Harmony — just bought the soda package. Do we know which souvenir cups are currently being used? Mariner gave the new ones with the straw last month, but have heard HOTS still uses the tumbler. Can anyone give any info? Thanks!!!
  11. They can’t see in — there’s a panel of frosted glass like the regular way they have balcony panels between any other room. Don’t think it would be an issue! :)
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