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  1. The apple pie sounds delish! Will have to try. Who is the cruise director? Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the review! Are there any Christmas activities onboard? We are heading out on Nav tomorrow.
  3. Wondering if anyone is on board and would share any decor pictures they may have. 🙂 thanks!
  4. Thanks for all the help! Do we know when we usually find out GTY assignments? Thanks!
  5. Thanks! I did, but the receipt just says “Stateroom: GTY,” so I’m a bit nervous since it is our first time doing GTY!
  6. Hi there, just booked a Navigator JS and let them pick my room. Got my receipt and it says “Stateroom,: GTY.” I paid for the JS so I just want to edify that I’ll get a JS with that? thanks all!
  7. Good point! We want to try as many ships as possible, but the easy weekend cruises all seem to go to Coco Cay and Nassau!
  8. When booking a trip, if you had to pick which weighs more importance for you — would it be the ship itself or the destinations?
  9. Hi folks! my husband and I went on our first cruise in May and became hooked (we went on one other and one in a few weeks since!). Perks of living in Cocoa Beach! We are looking to take a December cruise on the Navigator to try out a different port. My question is: will the ship be decorated? Will there be Christmas/holiday themed activities? I tried looking through old Cruise Compasses and couldn’t find much. would love to hear your experiences/thoughts or see pics! thanks all!
  10. Thanks for that! I may give them a call tomorrow. I believe I should just have to pay the price differential? Thanks again!!
  11. Hi all, have a cruise coming up up and booked an ocean view balcony. I noticed a JS would only be a few hundred more on the total. Was wondering if I could call Royal and pay the difference and change the reservation? I saw the RoyalUP email, but I would prefer to do it in advance. Thanks!
  12. Thank you! It’s going to be the Mariner — seems like it’ll be hibachi! Trying to sleuth out what all is included for the meal. Thanks again!
  13. Hi all! just booked our next cruise and were looking to try Izumi. I was on the Cruise Planner and saw it was $39/person, but also said it was a la carte. Did some research online but couldn’t find any clear answer. Would love your input! Thank you!
  14. Got a call for the first time from a Royal Vacation Planner — is it worth it to use these services? We are thinking of our next cruise, so good timing on RCI’s part!
  15. Hi all, with our first 4 day cruise we got expedited boarding. We are on HOTS and did not receive it this go around. Is there a chance it gets added on prior? We are only C&A gold, but it says priority check in is a perk. Does that mean expedited? would love to hear your experiences!
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