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  1. 1 minute ago, iahawkfan21 said:

    If you booked a JS guarantee then you will get at least that when they do assign your room.

    Thanks! I did, but the receipt just says “Stateroom: GTY,” so I’m a bit nervous since it is our first time doing GTY!

  2. Hi folks!


    my husband and I went on our first cruise in May and became hooked (we went on one other and one in a few weeks since!). Perks of living in Cocoa Beach! We are looking to take a December cruise on the Navigator to try out a different port. My question is: will the ship be decorated? Will there be Christmas/holiday themed activities? I tried looking through old Cruise Compasses and couldn’t find much.


    would love to hear your experiences/thoughts or see pics!


    thanks all!

    Hi all! Upcoming cruise on the harmony of the seas. I ordered some room decor/gifts for someone in my party (champagne + strawberries). Will that be all set up on Day One or cruising? I set that as the delivery date and wrote to please have it set up upon boarding. Has anyone had any experience with this? Thanks!

  4. Hi all!


    Upcoming cruise on the Harmony — just bought the soda package. Do we know which souvenir cups are currently being used? Mariner gave the new ones with the straw last month, but have heard HOTS still uses the tumbler. Can anyone give any info?



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