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  1. So my family and I had a really positive experiance with "The Key" and I wanted to weigh in with 'the was it worth it' question. In my family of 3 we all were already considering internet pacakages (Surf and Stream). So we took that into consideration with the price we paid. We also bought it while it was on sale so we paid $20 per person per day. Keeping that in mind... It was absolutely worth it! Here's why: 1. Priority embarkation. Once we got into the check in building, we got into the priority line with suites and such and there was about 4 families ahead of us. This is compared to the hundreds (if not thousands) of people in the other lines. We didn't book a suite and our Crown and Anchor level is Gold (the lowest). So there is no way we could have skipped the lines otherwise. We go onto the ship in about 15 minutes. This was at about 11:00 am. 2. Priority disembarkation. As part of They Key, we were the 3rd group off the ship and were personally escorted off in a group of about 8. Some picked up thier luggage, we carried our own. By the time we got to customs, we were in line ahead of people who said they were in the first group off the ship. Later on at the airport, we heard others with horror stories of being customs for hours. There are 10 customs officers to process 4000 people! It took us 10-15 minutes to get off the ship and get through customs. So worth it. 3. Embarkation Lunch/ Disembarkation Breakfast. While everyone else was hustling and bustling for food. We enjoyed a leisurely and relaxed meal. A wonderful way to start and end a cruise. 4. Private hours. We did flowrider and there were 5 people in line ahead of us. We also did the the ice skating and had the ice to ourselves and 1 other family. That's 1 hour of ice time with only 5 people on the ice total. Amazing!!! One of the best experiances my family had on the cruise. 5. Reserved seating. For most shows we just came early and found a seat. But for one show, we were running late and showed up to the theater 2 minutes before the show and were shown to our reserved seats. They were on the uppper deck so not the closest, but there was a bar just for those guests (so no waiting) and because it was semi private, after the show we could leave without being in the massive crush of people. In conclusion, if you are even thinking about purchasing internet, spring for "The Key". The time saving is sooo worth it. Especially if you are a low level C&A and don't have a suite. A much more relaxed experiance on the 2 busiest days.
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