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  1. I have inserted our Cruise confirmation/reservation number and last name in the ROYALUP website----every time the past 2-3 weeks, a error message pop-up occurs and says: MAKE SURE YOUR CRUISE is within 30 days............(see below) Our cruise is within 30 days----I am signed up for RCCL marketing communications.............Does anyone know why I am getting the error pop-up message and it does not allow going forward for a bid? There are no errors in my last name or Reservation number. I did not get an email from RCCL inviting me to bid----I am just going on the RCCL Ro
  2. Yeah, I am talking about 2 "forces" kind of working against each other: 1. Cruise Lines bus model is such that their revenue is SO concentrated from each cruise so that, each individual cruise makes a large impact on their profit: Ex: I read RCCL stopping cruises in China for a temporary time would, estimate, impact $0.10/share on RCCL stock for 2020. 1B. They estimated the possibility of ANOTHER $0.10/share impactin 2020 from the reduced future bookings on their offered cruises because of having to halt cruises in the region now ie: reduced load factor for future cruises!!!
  3. I am sure RCCL and all the cruise lines are somewhat "frantic" about the "what-ifs" that could take place if this issue continues to expand.............The media loves a good crisis for ratings but, the key is accurate info to make good decisions ie: what is true and what is not (social media has shown itself as a positive weapon and, also as an inaccurate device as well). But, make no mistake, this Anthem OTS issue will raise everyone's anxiety that the issue is not abating...........and, at some point, if it continues, the GOVERNMENT will step-in and make whatever decisions it needs to
  4. Accurate info ie: Oasis + Symphony meeting up in Coco Cay----staff not allowed off either ship due to 2 large ships in Coco Cay at one time. Regular cruise cycle re-starts for Oasis on Sunday 2-9 out of Miami. Quite the different charters within a few weeks of each other ie: "Atlantis" charter vs Chick Fila/no alcohol/dress code, etc. BTW, charter estimate for Oasis class $7 Mil to $11 Mil is accurate pending time of year charter takes place ie: high season vs lower season, details of renters needs, itinerary, etc. RCCL actually has a website section dedicated to Charters with info encl
  5. Thanks for the Aqua 80's feedback!!!! I will update my son................slackliner & highliner. Safe travels....................
  6. John & LaLa: enjoying your review: I was on Oasis for the day on Sunday during Port of Miami turn-day. My son is a slackliner/highliner in the Aqua 80s show. Look forward to your review of Aqua 80s.............attached is a a couple pics of the slackline section of the show. Oasis looked beautiful on Sunday---amplification is outstanding!! Will be back on for full cruise in March.................. AQUA 80s January 2020 Black & White.pdf
  7. I was on Oasis Sunday 1-12-20 as a Visitor (my son is a slackliner/highliner in the Aqua 80s show). There was multiple offers for purchase a Deluxe Drink Package and get 50% off the 2nd one fyi.
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