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  1. The last time I arrived at Civitavecchia on the Epic, the ship docked at exact;y 6.00am and I was straight off at that time , and walked it to the railway station. I hope to be doing the same on July 31st to catch the 7.02 am train to Trastvere and then on to Rome airport if the Epic docks at Pier 12BIS N (as phoenix1975 has had confirmed by the port authorities)
  2. I am slightly confused regarding the issue of receiving a receipt to sign when getting a drink even when you have a 'free at sea' deal. I thought that the receipt to sign was done away with a few years ago. Is this still the case and you simply hand over your card with nothing to sign ?
  3. I have 100 dollars OBC which I would struggle to use. Are you saying I can get a print out from guest services on the last night then take that to the cashier in the casino and cash out , less a 3% charge.
  4. I have read post number 254 and the content is totally erroneous. At the risk of repeating myself to certain posters who do not seem to be able to understand, if you wish not to pay the daily service charge, then simply ask for it to be removed. That is certainly the case for bookings through NCL UK. Just for clarification to make sure that there had been no change, I rang NCL UK today and the lady I administration confirmed to me that was still the situation. It has abdolutely nothing to do with actual lack of any service. The charge is discretionary which means that you have a choice to pay
  5. At last. A post that is to the point. Why do NCL UK Tel you when booking that the daily service charge is indeed discretionary and can be removed if you so wish by asking for a form at guest services. Why in this thread do so many American posters refuse to believe or understand this point made by NCL ? If you wish to pay the £80.71 for a 7 night cruise, then fine. If you don't wish to pay, then simply ask for the form at guest services and ask for the charge to be removed from your account.
  6. Very interesting. I was advised by NCL UK to go to guest services as soon as you embark and ask for a form for NCL not to charge the DISCRETIONARY daily service charge.
  7. Do people really order more than one starter and dessert? Is this why there are so many overweight passengers?
  8. Exactly why would you consider the post a joke. The poster is obviously concerned at the level of requests that passengers appear to ask from the NCL employee.Does the title of butler really mean that he/she should be treated like a dogs body?
  9. You poor thing. My heart bleeds for you.Yes I can hear the violins playing.😂
  10. I cannot believe that just because you are obviously rich and spend that kind of money on a cruise,you have the right to demand what you wanted to the slave,sorry servant or butler. Is this really how the high society actually live?
  11. Yes but the best deal is to pay 5 euros for a return coach shuttle arranged by Tuscany Bus. You will find their coach on the pier right opposite the ship
  12. phoenix, don't be put off by American posters telling you in bold red type not to opt out of the daily service charge. Remember that NCL UK advise you the charge is discretionary. If you don't feel the need to pay it, just advise guest services when you embark.Simples!
  13. 1. I have the 3 speciality restaurant cover charge package - which are the best restaurants on Epic to go to? I'm a bit of a foodie so I want to try whatever's best! La Cucina, Cagneys and Le Bistro 2. When I book the restaurants (this will have to be via customer services as I can't via the app or the website for some reason) - do they just use my 3 restaurant package to do this?. Just ring up NCL UK 3. If I opt out of paying the daily service charge and decide to tip my cabin steward, can I do this in Euros, or will it have to be in Dollars? They will take Euros. 4. Can you g
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