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  1. Got my refund too for the exact amount (RCL refund was short so I had to argue with them).
  2. I got my FCC email today and thought the same thing. Waiting until May 7 to apply for a refund.
  3. Thanks for letting me know they officially cancelled (guess they haven't sent out emails yet). I'm really sad this one was a no go, it was booked over a year ago and was going to be a family trip. Now I need to decide if I request a refund or FCC.
  4. My May cruise on Bliss still has not been officially cancelled. Has anyone received anything? When I log in it says Lets Get You Upgraded.
  5. Just checked my reservation and it says "Lets get you upgraded - Submit your offer".
  6. Glad I'm not the only one who sees this. Still waiting for a cancellation notice. This was a very expensive cruise, hoping to get some notification soon.
  7. Went online to see if there were any notices and both reservations for May Alaska cruise (paid for two rooms) says it's on hold and has a button to make a payment. Both reservations have been paid in full for awhile. Any idea what this is about? I will try and call when I have time to wait on the phone but I was wondering if anyone else has seen this?
  8. Called and got right through to someone. Have to admit I don't like that they were not able to give me any sort of confirmation number.
  9. Is it better to call or use the link they sent in the email to request a refund?
  10. On the Bliss and currently have rooms next to each other, port side, on deck 14 (with cabins above and below). Looks like there may be rooms available that connect on deck 12. If they are still available is there any advantage (other than the connecting door) by going to deck 12? Would starboard be better for Alaska if they have something there?
  11. Looking for (somewhat) last minute things to do on several islands and don't want to go with the crowed ship's excursions. In the past, we have always done the ships excursions because I'm really nervous about missing the ship but after reading the boards it seems like going out on your own is something a lot of people do. Do a lot of you just get a taxi to go the places you want? Are there some islands that you wouldn't recommend this?
  12. I'll keep the rooms on deck 13. We are on Bliss the week after you Petoonya. Enjoy your cruise.
  13. We will be on Freedom in April and are thinking of going to Nelson's Dockyard to walk around but have read conflicting reports. Is it worth going to? We like history, walking on easy trails and looking at sites - having a place for lunch too. The other question I have is getting there. We have always done the ship's excursions (I get nervous about missing the boat) but don't feel like dealing with a crowded bus and being told where to go. Is is easy to get a taxi at the pier and more importantly getting one back to the boat? Any other suggestions on what to do are also greatly ap
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