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  1. We have been on O and V cruises. We are now loyal Vikings! Remember, Viking includes an excursion at every port. We also like that there are no kids and no casino.
  2. So sorry for you. We just returned home yesterday. We were notified on Monday that our flight from Newark to our home town was cancelled. United was nice enough to rebook us on a flight to Chicago...a 6 hour drive from our home!! Really?? Guest Services was amazing making all changes with Viking Air for us and we came back on Delta instead. Suggest everyone check your texts and ensure your return flights don't get cancelled!!
  3. We were on last week and did those 2 excursions. They were wonderful! Enjoy! After a long travel day the black grouper in the Restaurant at a window table was exactly what we needed! We thought it was a fun, great week. We were spoiled by fewer passengers on the ship and very accommodating crew!
  4. Whew, what a process this has been getting all the required documents in order! While everything has gone super smoothly so far, I have made sure to have hard copies and online copies of everything. Can't wait to board Viking Orion tomorrow!! Will definitely enjoy a Swizzle or two! We are thinking it would make sense to "go around" (the island) twice since we worked so hard to get ready to go!
  5. Yes, thank you CCWineLover for the vital information. We will be onboard next week, too, molymoo! Thanks for posting the Viking Daily! So helpful! Keep the news coming!
  6. I think I've lost count of the number of times over the past week or so that I said I would be perfectly happy on your WC right now (in the "bubble" away from the news and closures and panic at the grocery stores). Most people think I'm crazy, but they haven't experienced life on a Viking WC! Sounds like you're keeping a great attitude. 👍👍🍷
  7. Suggest you call Viking or your travel agent about any additional Visa requirements.
  8. We remember from the first WC that Viking had a hotel for family members who came to visit crew members in Manila. Most family have never been on a cruise ship, so it was such a treat to see the crew giving their family members a tour of the ship. It will be a disappointment for sure. As for whining passengers, there are always those who look for a reason to complain. So annoying considering this is a trip most people will never take in their lifetime. Personally, I would love the extra ports and time in Australia; some of the ports in other countries that you'll miss were not our favorites anyway (except for Singapore, which was wonderful and worth a separate trip sometime!). Rest assured Viking will keep you entertained and pampered the entire way no matter where you go!!
  9. We like Polynesia, too, on the first WC. Liked that Nuku Hiva was rather undeveloped and enjoyed the 4x4 tour in Tahiti. The General Manager said that Bora Bora was the "passenger favorite" of the entire WC. Enjoy!
  10. If one thing you're referring to is the list/schedule of excursions and the excursion tickets you got in your stateroom, you get only one segment at a time. That was the same practice as the inaugural WC when we were all on for the whole thing. Enjoy!!
  11. I totally agree with you, deec. We were on the first WC and first segment of the Jan 2019 WC. The first WC was so memorable for us. The first segment in 2019 had a lot of the same officers, including Sujith and Heather, which was very special. We're signed up for the WC departing Miami Dec. 2020. Hoping the segments and staff turnover are not too disruptive. I hope those of you on the second half of this WC will continue to post your experiences! Thanks, Jim, and the rest of you for your interesting posts thus far!
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