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  1. How can you say, pay an extortionate amount of money for your cruise, and be grateful for just being at sea! Totally unacceptable, and even though if you took insurance out, you can claim back for missed ports, I don't believe that that's why people choose to cruise!
  2. Potsie57. I agree with you. I dont feel extra days at sea make up for missing ports whatsoever and there should be compensation, it shouldn't be treated as the norm
  3. Oh My. I used to live in Texas, and took an American Airlines flight that was really poor, but going on this Cruise, we were meant to fly with Virgin, bit they changed us to American Airlines. It was a brand spanking new aeroplane, and we had booked Premium Economy. Outstanding in every aspect. Fantastic experience!
  4. Yes, We did get Wheelchair assistance from Mum's Butler, who was fantastic! The only problem was at Cozumel, a Port which wasnt on the Itinerary, and was swopped for Ocho Rios, where we were meant to go. After getting off the ship, we had to get on a Tips Only Bike to be taken to the entrance to the Resort. Then they made Mum walk through a massive (for her) Mall, full of Tat. Then on the way back, they wouldn't let us in again. We had to walk right around the Mall full of Tat again. Took us ages. I was absolutely furious. So, if you are like Mum, and cannot walk very far, I wouldnt ev
  5. What a thoughtful, kind response. Yes, I realise now we were at the beginning of this pandemic and at the time was bitterly disappointed about most of the Cruise being disrupted, especially for my elderly parents, who we took with us as a treat. In hindsight, I would love to go again now, just have to find a way to cope with the sea sickness I felt for most of the cruise next time, something I wasn't expecting to have to deal with. Thank you for your response and stay well too
  6. Yes agree with you about the disappointment about not being able to go to Ocean Cay, gutted. Loved Divina, thought the staff were lovely, the meals in the Yacht Club were fantastic, and the whole YC experience has spoilt me for anything else now
  7. sfaaa. No, nothing. Everything that has happened, they have said is "beyond our control" so presuming that's their get out clause
  8. Essiemom. Aruba was amazing. Booked a 5* Hotel for the day. Best one of all the trip. Booked a beach club in Curacao. Very nice, but didnt care for the place itself. Beardface. I want to sincerely apologise. I completely over reacted, and just wanted it to be perfect for Mum and Dad. They cancelled Ocho Rios because of the problems you had had and 2 other ships, and didnt want to spend 6 hrs only to be turned away. I'd booked a beach club at Grand Cayman, but had to be back on ship for 2pm sailing instead of 6pm. Mum and Dad are in their 80's now, and it felt like disaster to me
  9. Potsie57. Yes. Loved the ship. We stayed in the Yacht Club, which has spoiled me for anything else now. We found the food in the YC dining room superb, and the food on deck 18 and Top Sail bar lovely, but after speaking to other Cruisers, they said the Maraviglia is far far better food, and the Divina is poor in comparison, and that the Divina is a much older ship, and another thing Mum found difficult was the YC Dining Room was on Deck 15, so you had to either go down to deck 7 walk right across the ship, then go back up in the lift, or walk down or lift to Deck 15, walk outside right acr
  10. Hi folks. I know, I over reacted this morning, and I am well aware that people are in a worse situation than me. Just really disappointed that our of 5 destinations we could only enjoy 2 original and 1 new one. I paid for Mum and Dad too and just wanted it to be perfect for them, and Beardface...Have you actually been to these places? IMHO Curacao was a bit of a dump, and was underwhelmed with Cozumel, as where a lot of my fellow cruisers who had visited here before. A lot of people stayed on the ship. The town was like Blackpool with a bit of sun. Full of tat. When we got off the
  11. Just finishing an 11 day cruise, my first ever. Completely underwhelmed and its put me off cruising altogether. Meant to sail to Curacao, Aruba, Grand Cayman, Ocho Rios then Ocean Quay. Ocho Rios cancelled, went to Cozumel, Grand Cayman changed to half a day, so two excursions had to be cancelled, then today, because of the weather, Ocean Quay cancelled, so back off to Miami. Not impressed to say the least!
  12. Hi folks, on the MSC Divina and just been transferred to Cozumel instead of Ocho Rios. Can anyone suggest a Resort Day Pass they have been to. Looking for a lovely hotel and beach with shade TIA
  13. Hi folks. First ever cruise next week and we've been given a time of 2.30 to board, and told "please do not come before this time", but having heard from other cruisers in their reviews, they seem to have "turned up" at 11am and boarded by 12. What are your thoughts on this. We are staying in the Yacht Club on the Divina and was hoping to get on before this to start enjoying my cruise. TIA
  14. Hi folks. Some last minute questions. Going on the Divina in the Yacht Club. What plug connections are there US or EU or both and how many, and also, is there anything else I should take with me that I really need or wont be able to do without. TIA
  15. Thank you, I thought as much. Someone posted a while ago, saying they were checking every day, I just wondered how they did it. Cheers
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