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  1. Yes, it was my mistake not to check the account before the last day of the cruise. We had purchased very little during the cruise so I did not think to check because I might be charged for something totally extra like this. I did not get a copy of the Internet package ahead of time - I'm not even sure what you mean by that. I got nothing in writing. I just purchased it online and that was it. I'll write to HAL one more time and see what happens. What I find disturbing is that if HAL had acknowledged their mistake right away, they could have avoided generating bad feelings and this would have all been over in two minutes. I would have come off the ship glowing with delight. But instead they cling to enforcing the letter of the law (because I used the package, without realizing there were two packages).
  2. We just returned from a lovely week in Alaska on the Volendam, our first time with HAL. It was all great until the last day when it came time to settle the bill. I had purchased premium internet services online, before the cruise. Around day 2 I realized that I couldn't figure out how to actually access the internet through the Navigator app, so I went to Guess Services. I explained that I had already paid and they said click this and that will activate it for you. I did, and it worked. Fast forward to last day of the cruise. I was charged AGAIN for premium internet use. I went to Guess Services and they said it looks like you opened two accounts and used two accounts - one in my name and one in my husband's name. I said well I did not do that intentionally, why would I have two premium accounts? That doesn't make sense. They insisted that because we already used two accounts we had to pay for two accounts. After some haggling, they offered to deduct half the cost of one account ($60.). They would not budge from that. I still maintain that *they* should eat the cost of one account 100%. This was their mistake, not mine. The dollar amount here is not large, it's the principal. I left feeling I cannot trust them, they don't listen, etc. It's really unnecessary. Not to mention that they need to improve their app user interface. I'm not a novice user, and I couldn't figure it out, and apparently their own GS person did not understand it either. Just needed to vent!
  3. Our cruise is over and in the end we just left the laptop on the desk and no one bothered it. The security cable is a great idea and we will keep that in mind for the future, but this time I didn't know what type of cable (different laptops have different requirements) and we ran out of time to figure that out. Thanks for all the advice!
  4. thank you, Chipmaster! Those are good points.
  5. At the last minute my husband learned he will have to do some work on our cruise (next week) and he needs to bring his 17" laptop. I called HAL and the laptop is too big to fit in the room safe. So I went on Amazon and found a Pacsafe "safe" bag that is built to discourage theft. A determined person with tools can break it, but the casual thief probably won't get in. Has anyone else faced this before? I'm not sure what else to do. I wonder if the cruise line has a safe in the back somewhere where they can put it?
  6. OK, y'all convinced me. Thanks for the input!
  7. rain pants, hadn't thought of that. thanks, chezmarylou.
  8. We're leaving Sept. 4 on the Volendam (HAL). I'm from Boston, so I have lots of clothes for cold weather, but how cold will it be? Do I need: warm gloves warm hat scarf/neck covering fleece jacket rain jacket duck boots? I know these are handy but difficult to pack. I also have hiking shoes that I can spray to make waterproof.
  9. Thanks TinCan & Frank. That's what I was trying to understand. You've both been helpful!
  10. I'm leaving two (young) adult children at home while I'm on my cruise. They are in the habit of texting me via SMS. They are not always in wifi range. I'm just paranoid that in the event of an actual emergency they might not have wifi and need to reach me asap (for example, say, a car accident). Then I want to be totally reachable. It seems that I could do this while on the ship: - Disable mobile data to avoid unwanted mobile data activity - Still be able to receive cell voice calls in an emergency at the ship's marine rate - Use WhatsApp (wifi) for non-emergency text and voice calls Thanks for your patience!
  11. I'm still a bit confused, am I understanding this? On land, disabling mobile data still leaves me with voice/SMS services. and wifi of course. On the ship, disabling mobile data will leave me with no voice or SMS services. I must enable mobile data on the ship in order to have those services, and pay their higher rates. Is that correct?
  12. I have a Galaxy S8 Plus phone running the latest version of Android. When I cruise (Holland America, Vancouver to Alaska round trip) in September I want my young adult son at home to be able to reach me via voice and SMS at all times. If I turn on airplane mode those functions will be disabled. My phone has a switch to disable only mobile data. It seems that I can still send and receive voice calls when that switch is disabled. Has anyone tried this on a cruise? I want to disable mobile data, and leave voice and SMS enabled.
  13. Thank you to all who replied! I certainly have more perspective on this now.
  14. I will be cruising to Alaska on Sept. 4. I book my air through HA (Boston > Vancouver with change in Toronto). I want to select seats for the trip to Vancouver (seats were already selected for Vancouver > Boston). The Delta web site said to call WestJet to book the seats, so I called WestJet. After being on hold for 35 minutes, they said that HA had not yet ticketed my flight, so they can't book the seats. The seats are "reserved" but not ticketed. I reserved back in March. WestJet said to call HA and find out why it's not ticketed. So I called HA and again waited for 30 minutes on hold. Finally someone said she will transfer me to the flight department. Then I got a recording that said the flight department is **closed**, please call within operating hours (it's 1:30 pm EST where I am). This is so ridiculous. I just want to select a seat on an airplane. I have never traveled with Holland America before, and I really, really want to like them, but this is not a good experience. Any guidance, suggestions? I will call HA back later after I have calmed down.
  15. I'm cruising to Alaska on the Volendam 9/4. I'm very tempted to get a spa pass but I've never been to a ship spa. It seems like a big commitment to get a pass for a week. Do you know if they have day passes, and how much they cost? Also, I'm a little wary of the water in the thermal pool - is it safe as far as bacteria goes? Has anyone has any problems? Despite my fears, I'd love to spend time in the spa!
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