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  1. On the royal Caribbean app? Or another app that I’m missing?
  2. Where do you find info on meals? We sail on Aug 9, and I have been trying to find this info out.
  3. Looks like we are going on the same cruise! And from same area 🙂 You'll catch me at the splash pad too. I tried to convince my son all summer to potty train to go in the pool onn the big boat..but he has no interest in doing it yet..so splash pad it is while his sister enjoys the bigger pool. My Travel agent was surprised that they did not add a kids club or babysitting service for younger ones when they redid the ship. I'm a little bummed about it too...but next time.
  4. Ahh ok. Adventure of the seas out of NJ to bahamas and bermuda for 9 days
  5. Anyone know of any theme nights on Adventure of the seas? Our first cruise and trying to figure out what and how to pack for my husband
  6. Thank you! Didn't realize it was your post on the other thread. lol
  7. Oh man...carry on only? can we bring multiple carry ons? Was going to put it in a rolling bag with beach toys.
  8. how muh water are you allowed to carry with you? I was going to put some in a rolling bag with beach toys and put a luggage tag to check it.
  9. How much water can you bring on a RC ship? One case? And how many bottles of water per case?
  10. Thanks for the plastic luggage tag suggestion. First timer and ordered today!
  11. Yes we ended up getting the beach and dig combo day pass...had no interest in the water park. The water seems a little rougher based off of reviews...and another beach a bit calmer, but didn't get the impression they were good for snorkeling. But again based off of reading and have no actual idea lol
  12. We ended up just paying for the excursion equipment for her for the flippers and float and mask. And try one of the viewing things above.
  13. I haven't looked into that, but they just started uploading excursions at coco cay as it got closer. I now see that excursion uploaded. Keep checking the website to see new ones added.
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