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  1. Just got off the Adventure and during the entertainment panel they discussed that each ship coming back online will start with only one production show compared to the 2-3 they normally put on. This is due to the fact they are installing the shows on ship vs at the studios due to covid/timing issues. But they say the plan is to have every ship with at least 2 by the end of the year.
  2. You no longer get free drinks during happy hour, that is what the 4 drinks a day replaced, so if you get a drink during the “happy hour” it will count towards your 4.
  3. What are the current theater shows on board? (Not in two70)
  4. I’m assuming there was some kind of specific group that complained enough on this particular cruise to be granted boarding, causing the wristbands. they also could just be following the exact same protocols as other ships due to the new mask mandate, and just have not received the plastic bands yet. EDIT: and they must have went through this process. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/who-should-i-contact-if-a-vaccine-is-contraindicated
  5. This deal is not actually finalized yet, but it still has the green light, the one they are building in Nassau is finalized and will open well before the one in Freeport.
  6. The website still says Antigen or PCR, and it includes the new mask updates, I also messaged royal and they confirmed what was on website.
  7. That is incorrect, I’ve messaged royal about the Walgreens IDNOW rapid test and they said it must be a PCR or antigen, that is also from some sort of medical facility.
  8. Yeah, I’ve sent them messages and they say antigen only, but who knows if they are actually checking the type of test at the port or just looking for a negative somewhere on the paper, but I won’t be risking it.
  9. IDnow is not an antigen test, so it will not be accepted at the port. CVS is really the only nationwide chain I’ve seen that had Antigen testing, no Walgreens in my state had antigen only IDnow.
  10. Be careful with Walgreens their rapid diagnostic test is not an antigen or PCR test, so it may not be accepted at the port. I know people who have been using CVS for their travel tests, as they have Antigen testing available more consistently then Walgreens.
  11. Antigen test is also accepted, as PCR tests can take up to 3 days to get results, Antigen tests are what 90% of us will be taking, as results come back within an hour.
  12. Yeah, I believe it was any time dining, so I’m assuming the check in through the app had some kind of very long wait time, but they are only 70% capacity right now.
  13. They keep putting the “foreseeable future” on any thing mentioning these “free” restaurants. However, I watched a vlog where they mentioned that the MDR was too full, and they got sent to Pig and Anchor instead, so I can see an issue where carnival is forced to keep these places “free” due to MDR capacity issues.
  14. I think RCL is going to stand firm on their decision to not have the 95% vaccination rule, due to their “family vacation values” however, I can see them designating certain ships to be the 95% similar to how Adventure is right now in Nassau, but move everything back to US, and have one ship from every class be a vax only cruise.
  15. I agree, I just personally would rather Carnival charge the $15-20 those this venues from the start as it doesn’t seem like this decision is set in stone and normally these places are a very reasonable price and many people will be willing to go, especially since RCL has said their specialty restaurants have been overwhelmed since the restart due to pent up demand. In my mind this is long term going to cause confusion as if I booked in a year, all the vlogs, etc made in the next month, will be saying the restaurants are “free” when in reality Carnival themselves don’t have this decision fully committed to.
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