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  1. Title says most of it really. Found a cruise £1,000 cheaper on the US site compared to the same cruise in the same cabin on the UK site.
  2. Hi, Does anyone have any pictures or experiences of the accessable rooms on the Magnifica? Thanks
  3. This is what confuses me about MSC (maybe it's cruising in general) though I'm new(ish) to both cruising and MSC. My experience of a similar nature has been completely different...the only difference I can see immediately is the geographical location of our cruise searches and our booking sites. We are in a similar situation. We had two cabins booked for 6 people for a June cruise in the Mediterranean. It was obviously cancelled and we had our 125% FCC and I have had difficulty trying to use it all up. We ended up in the same cabin on the same ship during peak school holidays in August, added the middle level drinks package and still had money left over. My cruise for October school holiday this year we swapped to October 2021. Exact same ship, date and cabin...added the middle level drinks package and saved over £700! I hope you find what you are looking for.
  4. johnnylincoln

    MSC OBCs

    Currently all bookings made on the UK site or through a UK TA qualify as Voyager Selection cruises so you get a 5+5 discount and up to €200 per cabin OBC. It's is done automatically if you qualify.
  5. johnnylincoln

    MSC Air

    This would make me look again at YC. Would be very interested if they included air fare.
  6. johnnylincoln

    MSC OBCs

    Voyagers Club seems to give a reasonable amount of OBC. I've got €200 on each of my cruises in 2021...which is great. I've never had OBC from Royal Caribbean.
  7. I have the 5+5 + double points and OBC on my 2021 cruises, one booked with FCC and the other transferred from a cruise that we swapped rather than wait for it to be cancelled.
  8. Wonder if they are going to change the prices? My TA won't let me add a drinks package online either. Though MSC let me add it to two 2021 cruises.
  9. I know this is really early and I should really be worrying about crusies for 2021 but does anyone know when MSC will announce their summer 2022 itineraries for the Mediterranean?
  10. Is there a way to search by available cabins? I'm not worried about what itinerary I'm on but I'd like to be able to see what cruises on what ships have availability for a certain cabin. Is this possible?
  11. We are on the Seaside in the Med the last week in July. I'm so excited! We were supposed to be sailing on the Grandiosa today 😪 but obviously that was cancelled and we used the 125% FCC to book and got the drinks package at no extra cost. Like you our October cruise we decided to move...but to next October.
  12. I got mine yesterday. I have been messaging both MSC and my TA on a daily basis chasing it up.
  13. Morning, Looking to use my FCC for 2021. Would anyone happen to know the upgrade price for the Easy Drinks package that comes with the Aurea experience? Thank you.
  14. Oh really? Damn...the cruise we want to book is running out of availability so quickly because we want two cabins next to each other 😕
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