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  1. WHAT???? I did take advantage of this but in no way will I feel penalized if they refund. I will be no worse off than I was before I bought this package. WIll I be disappointed sure, but am I going to cancel my cruise, be bitter towards Royal, call my lawyer, call the news media. No! I took a chance and it is what it is, bottom line, People WE ARE GOING ON A CRUISE!!!!!!!
  2. Exactly, I called in when I saw everyone posting about it and the guy told me yes it was a holiday sale. It was for select cruises. When I asked how long the sale was for, because I didn't' get paid until Friday. He told me he didn't know because it was also for a limited amount per cruise. That was when we started scrounging to come up with the money to get.
  3. Has anyone gotten an official email yet? I am not going to believe a tweet or FB. These are the same tweets and posts that said we will honor the price oh wait no we won't honor it. Until it is removed from my cruise planner or I get an official email I am going to carry on as if I am good to go with the package I bought last night
  4. My thought is just sit back and relax, I see people getting all upset and jumping ship and being mean and rude and nothing official has come from Royal. By official I mean an email or phone call or a public statement. People are getting all upset by responses from agents on social media who really know only a tad bit more than we do. They have probably been given a script to say until the higher ups get out of meetings discussing what they need to do. I am still showing the package on my account and until I see it removed or get something official I am not going to get all worked up. And really won't get worked up if they don't honor it. When I purchased it I was pretty sure it was a glitch but thought let's give it a try and see if it sticks.
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