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  1. Seriously?! When did they make that change? If that’s the case they better reduce the price of the haven. We wanted the haven to avoid busy floors and pools and have a ‘slightly’ quieter experience.....now they are letting everyone into the bar? If that’s what’s happening I might rethink the trip, save the money and just get a spa balcony-if I’m going to have to deal with crowds might as well save some money...
  2. This was amazing, thank you! Just confirmed that I will be spending half my day in there!
  3. We picked the Escape because it seemed to have more Haven benefits than other ships. We had researched a few ships and decided on a 5 day sailing on Escape vs a 7 day sailing on another ship. It also seems like escape was renovated more recently than other ships on NCL. I’m glad you hear you had a good experience on the ship, makes me feel like we’re making the right choice!! Now we just have to convince our friends to go haven as well so we will be able to hang out with them in the haven not just the other parts of the ship.
  4. Omg the thermal spa 😍😍 I plan to spend half my day in there. I always love seeing photos from people’s trip SO much more than the promotional photos online. Looks just as nice in your photos!!
  5. The free drinks makes sense, it’s disappointing but it makes sense. They likely don’t want non drink package guests abusing a drink package with in-room service, by allowing visitors who don’t have a drink package consuming them. It would be all to easy to have guests in a room and only those with the drink package ordering endless free drinks-so I totally get that.
  6. I can’t seem to find the review I read but I do believe it was a Barcelona trio they were talking about. Maybe it wasn’t a bad review but simply a ‘perk’ that is ship dependent, which is why most people seem angrily upset at my mention of an elevator, since they haven’t experienced it on all the ships.
  7. I was wondering about that!! the room we were looking at was close to the spa, and it didn’t appear to be in a separate Haven floor but was a row of 8 or so rooms near the spa. They shared the level with other amenities so I was wondering if it was separated the way other haven rooms are.
  8. 1. We always arrive for our trips a day early. We always do this so if there is a delay with an airline our itinerary won’t get messed up. Since we plan arrive a day before our plane would have to extremely late for us to not utilize priority boarding. Even a few minutes less of waiting time is fine by me. 2. I plan to set my butler expectations early on and establish those lines of communication and identify the things I want to make my trip special. They aren’t mind readers so you need to be specific, but again, they’re human and sometimes make mistakes or just aren’t cut out for the job. If I’m paying for it, I expect to use it and will use it. If I’m not getting what I want from that, I’m sure I can reach someone at a desk and at least let them know. If our butler is great we’ve budgeted a few hundred to tip, if they barely do anything they won’t be getting much. 3. I already know how to use an espresso and love it, once you get used to it, it’s no problem. I only drink espresso and need coffee right when I wake up. I’ve seen that some of the other room have only regular brewed coffee machines and I hate those. I also only drink my coffee with skim milk (or almond milk of available)-so I fully plan to have that be one of my requests that the butler ensure is in our room. 4. I’ve heard plenty of stories of people getting dinner set up on their balcony by their butler no problem. 5. We know our ship, as stated in comments above we’re looking at Norwegian Escape and it definitely has the Haven Lounge and Restaurant. 6. We plan to get seats booked ASAP, and if the priority seats aren’t good we won’t reserve them. We want good seats regardless of it they are priority or not but we will utilize the concierge to help us book them. 7. Cocktail party we could take it or leave it as well. It’s not really something that excites us, but merely something I was putting on the list of overall perks. 8. Elevator: like I said in a few above comments, it was based off of someone else’s review (which was apparently misguided) and they stated they had used an elevator that went from the floor the shows were on, straight up to the haven no stops. I’ve already stated it’s being removed off the list.
  9. Ok so based on the responses-removing the elevators lol and adding the included on demand movies to the list.
  10. I didn’t anticipate ‘locking out’ other floors. I had read a review by someone who said they had access to elevators near where the shows were. They stated those elevators ONLY went to the haven floor. Their description seemed as though there was a separate bay of elevators from the activities straight to the haven floors. Seems as though their review was bad, and may have been referring to a service elevator without explicitly stating it was a service elevator. This is what I was basing my information off of-clearly a bad/mistaken review by someone else.
  11. We're looking at the Norwegian Escape which has the Haven Restaurant.
  12. Thank you. We had accounted for a couple hundred to tip the butler. I'm needy and anticipate utilizing the service a bit, so we wanted to see what else was hidden so we could plan accordingly (and determine what things we truly need/don't need).
  13. Looking to book a Haven Suite for Fall of 2020, so I have some time to prepare (read: overthink). We are also first time cruisers and want to do it right rather than do a budget trip and find out we have hidden fees and limitations. Based on our research we have compiled the following perks of Haven suites: Anything you would add to this list of perks? The Haven Suites Priority boarding (this is our biggest draw) with private waiting area. NO WAITING IN LINES TO BOARD! Get on and off the ship quickly and easily. Haven only waiting areas have drinks and snacks provided. When boarding you get access to the haven restaurant and sun decks to drink and eat hours ahead of guests who are boarding in the line. Few more hours of precious vacation time. In-Room Perks: -Butler service when needed -Nespresso Machines other rooms don’t have coffee -Welcome bottle of champagne/sparkling wine of debarkation day -Welcome bottles water -Welcome Snacks, and nightly snacks delivered (plus additional butler delivered snacks when you want) -In-suite white linen dining and room service (no room service fee like other rooms) On Ship Perks: -Access to haven only Restaurant, Bar, sun deck and pool (less busy and adult only)-This was another big draw to us. Were leaving our toddler at home and its nice to have places that aren't full of children so we wont waste our previous vacation time feeling guilty LOL. We also aren't doing many excursions. My husband is built like an NFL linebacker and doesn't fit into a lot of the height and weight requirements for excursions. Hes 6'6 and 350lbs.....so we basically cant do anything off the ship other than chill on a beach somewhere. Most time will be spent lounging on the ship sundecks, using the spa/gym and drinking :) -Priority seating, booking to shows as well as an escort to your seats at the larger venue shows -Exclusive invites for dining/cocktail party with captain and officers (itinerary dependent) -Haven only elevators to go straight up to room no waiting at other floors -Concierge to help with booking shows and excursions -Access to the main dining options (some select dining excluded but do have access to the haven’t restaurant as the included specialty if you aren't getting the dining package) QUESTION: We fully plan to get the extra dinning package and drink package. Are gratuities included when we book, or as part of the daily fee? I read somewhere that every time you order a drink they add a gratuity fee to your bill that isn't part of the overall gratuities charged to your room?? If anyone could clarify that would be great! QUESTION 2: Any "hidden" fees to beware of as a first time cruiser for the Haven??
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