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  1. Don't get caught - take the cash!!!! My story is a nightmare!
  2. I cancelled BEFORE they did on 3/9 - three days prior - so I did not qualify for a refund OR 125% FCC. Only 100% FCC which is not ideal. Warning to anyone in my situation, DON'T cancel, wait for them to cancel and then take the cash and RUN!
  3. I'm so sorry. This is such a nightmare to be out so much $ with zero recourse. Never again. Viking returned $25K of my money with no questions asked. Classy company.
  4. Yes. Mine are split evenly. This makes it quite literally impossible to re-book without leaving a huge balance for one person and an amount due for the other. Terrible of RC. So angry.
  5. May 31 2020? It seems unreal to ask someone who is PIF $11K for an additional deposit. Criminal even. Ive decided to wait until 90 days out until I book and use any cruise credits. I wont need to pay an additional deposit, rather any balance if I decide to upgrade. They are also making it very difficult for folks to use credits now anyway given the FCC amounts are split evenly and the 'current offers' are for buy one get passenger 2nd 60% off. Leaves you with a huge balance on the second/third cruiser that cant be used unless you book two (or three) cruises. Shame on RC. shame shame. SMH
  6. Hello Future Cruisers - Successfully cancelled our cruise that was supposed to be en route (4/5-4/11) on 3/9. Received my family's 5 FCC's on 3/17 totaling $10,942. This amount was PIF to Royal in January. (Side note that i received our taxes back in two separate transactions weeks apart after two or three phone calls to Royal.) I decided to find and book/use the credits yesterday, researching cruises for next July 2021. Called the number in the email 'How to redeem your FCC" (1-800-256-6649) listened to all the prompts, and after 1.5 hours on hold finally got through to someone who asked for my 'booking number'. I proceed to give him our old number from the cancelled cruise, at which point he got very snippy with me and said no, no, the NEW booking number?!? I was like, I'm calling to book a new cruise, I have it all picked out down to the staterooms we'd like! He then then told me 'wrong department - hold' and transferred me to a booking agent where I had to then book the new cruise with all the info (guests, dining times etc.) and then he told me he could put a courtesy hold on it?! *****? I said, you have almost $11K in my unused money and you want me to pay you more $? So he said I then had to (this is funny) call the number in me email with directions how to APPLY the FCC to my new reservation! SO here I am. Ive called 2-3 times, nobody knows what to do, how to apply this credit, etc. all while my new booking is ticking away at being cancelled because I haven't paid! I'm so frustrated! If I din't have these credits I would absolutely NEVER book with this company again but here I am. I realize these are crazy times, I am aware they are 'working from home', and I'm trying to remain patient but this is the most agonizing process I have ever been through to book a lousy cruise I may never get to take in the first place. Any insights/numbers/experiences you can share would be helpful and appreciated.
  7. Hi all - Has anyone gotten their taxes refunded to their CC yet? I cancelled my PIF cruise which was scheduled for 4/5 on Monday, 3/9 and received my FCC this past Tuesday but as of yet no refund to my credit card of the over $600 in taxes owed back. Worried about $ like everyone else right now! thanks!
  8. 2.5 hour hold this morning and then got through and was able to cancel with FCC & taxes refunded - no problem in 5 minutes....
  9. hung up after two hours to go to bed. This AM the number is just busy. 😖
  10. I've currently been on hold to cancel for 1:10. Anyone report how long they waited would be appreciated, thanks!
  11. I agree completely. We are in July 27th Cruise!
  12. I am also on same cruise on Royal. You have the pricing wrong. 4 devises was $139 for a week. So cheaper to do the two only.
  13. Yes kids names too. In our case parents are first and then our kid, which would seem an obvious assumption to anyone. i am going to ask guest services about it and report back. The cabin I saw with no names seems to now have a name, I wish I took a pic of it before. Funny, we are also sailing Regal next Summer, British Isles Cruise!
  14. Yes, i plan on asking and will post...
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