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  1. I also noticed that email didn’t say a word about masks. I thought that was odd. As far as the temperature checks I do have a concern that a lot of people who are simply overheated are going to be turned away or quarantined. My mom had a hair appointment the other day and sat in the car until they texted her that she could go in and she read 100.3 just from sitting in the warm car for a few minutes. 100.4 seems to be going number for being denied access.
  2. I have a cruise booked for Jan 2021. As of yesterday I’d planned to make final payment in August only if Peace of Mind was extended to cover us, given the concerns with a second wave this winter. But now with the going out of business chatter, I’m not sure we won’t just cancel and sit tight for a while. I’ll wait until closer to final payment to decide, but without Peace of Mind, we will definitely cancel.
  3. If I could do a TA (US to Europe) then a week or two later do another TA home after touring, I would be thrilled!
  4. The previous poster is correct. There was one umbrella for every two chairs. And plenty of shade from them. We actually had to move chairs a little bit to get some sun.
  5. For us the Beach Club was worth it....BUT I only paid $39. There’s no way it would have been worth $199 for me.
  6. We didn’t notice any concerns with cleanliness at all. My BFF who I was traveling with is a clean freak at hotels. She wipes down everything and won’t drink out of the glasses or anything. And I didn’t hear any complaints from her either.
  7. We were on the February 8, 2020 sailing of the Majesty of the Seas. We chose this cruise due to low cost and being a small ship. This was my sixth cruise. My previous cruises have been on the Disney Magic and the Norwegian Escape. I loved the Disney magic but hated the Norwegian escape. It’s just too big. I found the Majesty to be much more similar to the Disney magic (minus all the Disney stuff of course.) we have no interest in all of the big features on the ship. Embarkation was a mess due to the late arrival. The line was unbelievable going all the way to the far far end of the building and then snaking back around. But considering the situation I guess it wasn’t that bad as it took us about an hour and a half from the time we got in line until the time we boarded. My travel party was myself and my BFF, both 55-ish-year-old women. Our main goals were to sit in a lounger in the sun with a drink and a book. The cruise was a seven day Key West and Bahamas leaving from New Orleans. On first impression the outside of the Majesty looked tired and worn. But inside was perfectly fine. Loved the small size of the ship and how quick and easy it was to get anywhere. The only complaints I have was that the food in the buffet was absolutely awful (and I’m not that picky), there were very limited options for food outside of main dining times, and there wasn’t a huge variety of activities going on on sea days, or at least not a lot that interested us. Main dining room food was good but not exceptional. The buffet was passable for breakfast and lunch but just absolutely horrible for dinner. Severe lack of variety, things that didn’t seem to work together, and flavorless or cold food. The café had strange hours and never seemed to be open when I wanted something from there but what I did have there was very good. The only other place to get food outside of main dining hours was the pizza place and that’s not what I usually wanted. Was also surprised by the lack of lines at the coffee shop. We were able to get our Starbucks every morning without much wait at all. I will never sail out of the Gulf in the winter time again. The ship was delayed getting into port on embarkation day until about 1 PM so boarding and sail away was late. The delay was due to bad weather in the Gulf. Our first day was a sea day and it was cold and windy. I figured that was just the remnants of the same storm. But our last sea day coming back into the Gulf was even colder and more windy. Had that last sea day been nice enough to be outside we wouldn’t of even noticed the lack of activity said appeal this. Loved Simon playing piano in the Schooner bar in the evenings. Over all the bars and lounges seems spacious with decent bar service. We never did encounter a line to get a drink really at any venue or bar. We only saw a few shows in the theater and they were just OK. We were in a spacious oceanview, cabin 9024. I was pleasantly surprised with the cabin. Even being a spacious ocean view it was smaller than any cabin I’ve had on any other ship - even insides. But I knew that going in. Storage space was fantastic. Probably more than I’ve had on any other ship. Although there was really no storage space in the bathroom there were wonderful little shelves built in on cabinets on either side of the mirror by the desk and that was the perfect place to keep all of my make up and other miscellaneous toiletries. We actually had storage spaces that we didn’t end up needing to use. The bathroom was better than I expected. It was small but the shower was adequate and no issues with the shower curtain not staying in place or anything like that. As with most of this cabin category we did have a lifeboat below our room. It did not impede our view unless we wanted to look straight down. We absolutely loved Coco Cay. We did buy the beach club day pass. I mainly did that because I found an exceptional price of $39 and I was fearful of crowds. As it turned out we were the only ship in port that day so that wouldn’t have been an issue. We were originally scheduled to be there with I believe the Navigator but it’s itinerary got changed. The lunch in the beach club was fantastic. We were able to snag a para loungers right at the waterfront and we spent the day sitting there drinking and reading. Although the ocean was a bit chilly we were able to get in and be perfectly comfortable and enjoy a little time floating around. The floats are at no additional charge in Beach club area. We didn’t arrive in Nassau until 2 PM so that kind of made that a wasted port. At that hour it didn’t seem to make sense to pay for a beach so we just walked around Atlantis after finding a four dollar per person shared cab and did actually enjoy walking around Atlantis. We walked through The Dig and that was actually quite interesting. We did enjoy playing a little bit in the casino but I was very disappointed with a number of machines that weren’t functioning by the end of the cruise. I personally like Quick Hit and there was a bank of six of the type I like. One was down from the beginning of the cruise and by the end of the cruise two others were down, including my favorite one. They quit taking money and the tech pulled up the error message that said the bill slot was full and they couldn’t do anything about it. Doesn’t make sense to me. But I did end up breaking even in the casino for the cruise so that’s good! Disembarkation was a breeze. We did self disembark. However they never called for self disembark so the first announcement we heard was when they called for the first group. It took a few minutes to get an elevator but then we were off quickly. We had prearranged somebody to pick us up and had to wait about 15 minutes on him. In total it was about an hour and a half from leaving our state room at 8:15 to arriving at the airport. A crewmember did say that the line to get off the ship has been crazy earlier but when we left there was only a handful of people in front of us and it went very quickly.
  8. I had never heard of it until we found one on our February 8 majesty of the seas cruise. It was a fun find. I did find a painted rock near Sacre Couer in Paris a few years ago - that was really neat.
  9. This brings up another question that came up on the cruise I just came home from yesterday. A passenger was evacuated to a Florida hospital from the ship via Coast Guard helicopter. There was quite a discussion going on regarding insurance and several people were saying that since it was a Coast Guard evacuation there would be no charge to the passenger for the flight. I find that hard to believe. Like many others I choose to ensure for a very low value on the trip itself as that is a lower risk amount that I can afford to lose if something happens but I want to make sure I’ve got plenty of coverage for medical and medical evacuation. A policy that is primarily for medical is very low cost.
  10. I was just there on Wednesday. As far as crowds I found I didn’t really need it since we were on the Majesty and it was the only ship there that day, so it would have been easy to find a chair and umbrella anywhere. However I did thoroughly enjoy it. The food was absolutely delicious, probably some of the best food the whole trip. It did seem that the chairs in the beach club were nicer than the chairs on the rest of the island. I only paid $39 per person so I thought that was well worth it. I don’t know that I would paid much more unless there were going to be multiple large ships there for the day. We were only interested in sitting in a lounge chair by the water but the entire deck area looked like a lovely place to hang out if you just wanted to sit out in the ocean air with a cocktail or two.
  11. We just got back. There is a shared ride taxi that you can get within the secure area at the port that is four dollars per person. If you have many people it may be more economical to take a private cab but whatever you do make sure you get it from within the secure area at the port. I think I had heard that a cab was $16 so the breakeven is probably four people. You can find cabs within the secure area almost immediately upon exiting the building at the port and it was also very easy to get a cab back from Atlantis outside the hotel lobby.
  12. I just got home from the Feb 8 sailing. Ask away! I may try to do a short review tomorrow. Probably my biggest piece of advice is to avoid the buffet for dinner. Apparently there were many many complaints. Just no variety and no flavor. Otherwise it was a wonderful cruise. Not sure if it was just luck of the draw or kind of the norm but it was very cold and windy sailing thru the Gulf so Monday and Friday were both cold and windy, Friday more so.
  13. We just got home today. Simon was playing piano in the Schooner bar and he was wonderful. Muster Station seven is on deck seven right about midship starboard side. That happened to be our muster station.
  14. I did see a menu posted that included both Filet Mignon and Lobster.
  15. For those with experience...are pretty much any of the operators swarming the port safe. How do you know? I am wanting to describe it to her at the port but I want to make sure that it’s somebody reputable as well.
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