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  1. You are right. You would think I’d remember that by now after all the years I spent helping in high school theater.
  2. I’d say no. We saw the broadway tour this summer. The F bomb was used excessively and unnecessarily (and I’ve been known to use the word...but this was excessive.) I also thought it over the top raunchy....no actual full nudity, but highly suggestive in a raunchy manner. I would hope the version on NCL been toned down at least a little bit from what I saw this summer.
  3. My vote is for two cruises as a back to back.
  4. I don’t have personal experience but I recall reading that you had to be 21 in order to have the beverage package. So she would have to pay out of pocket.
  5. Does anyone have any insight into how often Bar Harbor is missed due to seas being too rough to tender? I assume this week will be dicey at best but I’m more interested in when there is nothing unusual like a hurricane happening.
  6. From my experience with radiation, you’ll likely be tired. But a cruise might be the perfect R&R. I’d just make sure someone can help with luggage handling. I think I’d go if it was me. The main thing my radiation oncologist said in the last few weeks of treatment and first several weeks after was to take it easy and not push too hard. I can’t think of a better way to take it easy than on a cruise.
  7. Awesome pic! Are there any good lighthouse views sailing OUT of Portland heading north?
  8. Thanks. Can you tell me where on deck 10? What about deck 3?
  9. Thanks...I had found this, but was hoping to get more specific locations.
  10. Hi all. I am looking at potentially booking a cruise on one of these three ships. I’ll be traveling with my BFF who is a smoker. Can anyone provide any information on exactly where the smoking areas are? If possible I’d like to try to book a state room that’s relatively close so it’s an easy jaunt up/down steps and outside for her to have a smoke before bed or something like that. Also, are any of the smoking areas arranged in such a way that it’s a nice and not terribly crowded place to sit and relax with a drink? If you failed more than one of the ships as the smoker is any one a little more accommodating than another? TIA!
  11. We had 11854, 856, and 858 a few years ago. I was in 856 and my sisters were in 854. I’m almost positive 854 was by the door. 856 was by the balcony. We are in 11856, 858, and 860 for Sept 15 coming up. edit: I asked them and they said that the beds were by the balcony.
  12. That was my first thought...the Schengen Agreement since all ports involved are part of the EU ( I am assuming the cruise in question does not have any ports outside of the Schengen area .)
  13. Agreed. There were a lot of folks in costume that evening , but no where near the majority. That said, we didn’t attend the party so there may have been a higher percentage there. We were usually our cabins for the night by 10.
  14. Found them! Again, this was on the Escape in 2017.
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