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  1. I just booked for May on Thursday. For five people across two cat 1A state rooms. The price I booked at was about $600 higher total than the price when I first started looking at the cruise, but I may have originally been looking at a slightly less expensive veranda. That was maybe a month or two ago. I was able to re-price with the new discount and saved $880 from what I booked at.
  2. Thanks everyone. We have definitely decided against the sky I think we’re actually going to try the equinox mainly just because it had a better itinerary for the dates that we could go.
  3. I am new to Celebrity, having just convinced all of my travel party to book Celebrity instead of a Norwegian for our next cruise. We are booked on the Equinox in May. Everyone getting their favorite alcoholic beverages is very important! LOL. I am a little concerned that we may need to upgrade from the classic to the premium package, for at least some of the group. Some of the specific drinks important to some in the group are: Bloody Mary’s in the morning; white Russians, mudslides, mojitos all day; and Moscato wine with dinner in MDR. Can anyone confirm if those items are available in the classic drink package, and if not, what the pricing is? None of us are picky about alcohol brands. And none of us are beer drinkers. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the input. I absolutely agree that the Sky itinerary is the best, and the Breakaway the least interesting. But with this group the ship is just as important.
  5. There are different versions I have eastern Caribbean. It’s the breakaway May 22, the sky May 16th, or the equinox May 21.
  6. We have come to the unfortunate decision we need to postpone our November 14 Encore into next year. We have sailed on the Escape twice previously. I always liked the range of activities overall I would say it was too large. I know the Encore and Breakaway are similar. For the dates and itinerary that we want our choices are the Breakaway or the Sky or jumping over to Celebrity Equinox. I feel like the Breakaway is reasonably similar to the Escape but I can’t get a good feel for the Sky (or Equinox.) Can anyone give me insight into the Sky? I haven’t had much luck trying to search. We are a group of three 50-something sisters and our 70-something aunt and 81 yr old Mom. I have previously sailed on the Disney magic and did love the smaller size of the ship. We aren’t interested in mini golf or waterslides or virtual reality rooms or go carts or any of that kind of thing. We like comfortable places to hang out and visit - preferably outdoors, all the fun onboard activities especially in the evenings (not necessarily bars or nightclubs but we enjoy the shows in the atrium, bingo, deal or no deal, those kinds of things), a decent amount of sea day activities to choose from, good shows, good drinks, and very important good food. We love the waterfront on the Escape. We like to spend some time in the casino. For those familiar with the Sky: does it meet those wants? TIA!!!
  7. Does anyone have any thoughts on if peace of mind will be extended for sailings beyond October 31? We are on the November 14 Encore and had decided we are going to let it ride knowing we could cancel it 14 days if things are looking really bad. But then I found out that I was mistaken and the policy only goes thru Oct 31st. We have another week or so before final payment is due and need to think long and hard about making that payment if peace of mind is not going to apply. We’re also a bit concerned about what appears to be changes in the wording regarding being denied embarkation due to a positive test - that it applies to everyone in the state room versus the prior wording of everyone in a travel party. There are five of us in two state rooms and if any one of the five can’t go none of us want to go, in favor of re-booking with everyone later.
  8. I’ve been in 10876 twice…great room….convenient to elevators and quiet.
  9. I’m on the Nov 14 Encore and still very nervous that’s it’s even going to sail. I didn’t realize it was the first cruise. I was thinking I the Encore was sailing earlier in November. But honestly at this point I’ll just be happy if I’m able to get on that ship.
  10. I’ve done two cruises on the Escape in side-by-side cabins where are the balcony dividers would open but they will NOT do it/allow it.
  11. We’ve stayed in the area that I believe is considered mid-ship, but is closer to aft, on deck 11, and didn’t notice the life boats. I want to say the room number was in the 118xx range. The life boats are down on deck 7, too far down to really impact the view from 11. Do look for one that shows an angle on the balcony. They are a bit larger. I believe there are some in BA, BC and & BB (The categories have changed a bit.)
  12. We did the complementary one a few years ago and really wish we had just eaten in the main dining room instead that night. Did not think the food was very good at all and the shower was not memorable. Literally I don’t remember it. I think maybe it was all right but nothing spectacular.
  13. Due to other health issues, I cannot subject myself to unnecessary nasal swab testing (I’ve been successful so far), so I’m out until other testing methods are more widely used. I also think there’s too much emphasis on testing as a prevention method. So I go get tested on a Tuesday and depart on Saturday, with a negative test. Who’s to say I don’t contract Covid in the days between the test and boarding? I also think the bubble excursions would be a strong push for me not to go. And shorter cruises are a definite no-go. It’s not worth the airline and hotel costs to go for anything shorter than seven days. Just praying that by the time we get past this coming winter and spring we have better control and things can start to swing back to normal.
  14. I just miss traveling of any kind. I usually do one Cruise and one land vacation each year. I haven’t missed a cruise yet and was lucky that I took one last September and another one in February just as all of this was starting. But we have already postponed our January 2021 all the way out to November 2021. I’ll be climbing the walls by then. If things start looking up we may try to book a last-minute late in the spring.And it seems that I always travel in September so Facebook memories are killing me right now. LOL.
  15. As much as I want to be able to say you are wrong, I unfortunately have to agree with you. Which is why I just moved my January 2021 all the way out to November 2021 instead of into April or May.
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