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  1. So close, I’m getting on September 1 and flying home the 8th. Sending good thoughts for a smooth disembarkation as our paths cross!
  2. This is an interesting option, glad to know about it even if it doesn't happen this trip!
  3. Thanks to all for the insight. Leaning towards taking the 11:40 flight with the goal of bringing carry-on sized luggage and beating the majority of people to the airport. My boyfriend wanted to book it from the start, and I'm a bit more skeptical, so trying to do my due diligence before booking. Extra time in Vancouver is definitely being planned, with work schedules it just works out better to do it pre-cruise rather than post. We're big in to craft beer and local whiskey if anyone has any must hit stops. Also realized I typed the airport code wrong - twice - whoops. YVR. Can you tell I've never been? Despite that I'm a fairly frequent flyer, and pretty good at navigating new cities and transit. I've mostly used TSA Pre Check and Mobile Passport in the past, but I'll spring for the Global Entry when my Pre Check expires since it doesn't seem like it'll get approved for this trip.
  4. I'm looking forward to scheduling flights for our cruise to Alaska out of Vancouver in September on the Eclipse. Disembarkation day flight selections from VYR to Arizona are not so great. The one non-stop flight leaves at 11:40am and gets us home around 3:00pm, which at least gives us a few hours to settle back in before heading to work the next day. All of the other options leave VYR from 2:00 - 6:00pm, have connections, and would get us home after 9:00pm. The ship is scheduled to arrive at 8:00am and we are planning on taking the SkyTrain to the airport. There is one other ship in Canada Place that day. We don't have global entry, but would get it if it made this flight more possible - first time cruising with an added layer of airport customs which I hear is done in VYR, not when we land in the US. Would we be crazy to schedule the 11:40am flight knowing there aren't many remaining options if we miss it, or is this doable?
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