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  1. Vancouver won't open July 1, in all probability. BC doesn't want big ships in, let alone big ships full of Americans.
  2. An individual provider can require a passport book even if a card would technically be enough.
  3. Yet, it is doing fine in Singapore at 90+ degrees F and chewy humidity.
  4. Free? In the US? Seems optimistic. The US response has had a lot of discussion of letting the free market handle things. This isn't decades ago.
  5. There will not be a vaccine by summer. The science of vaccine development and manufacture has some time issues, and 3 months is not nearly the time for either human testing or mass manufacture for a disease that is based on RNA.
  6. There are also likely to be multiple waves. China is through a single wave right now. This is based on history - even with social distancing measures, the Spanish flu of 1918 had two peaks. Given the nature of this virus, it is highly probable we will see a second and maybe even later wave until sufficient people have had the virus, or there is a vaccine. Port temperature checks are theatre for a virus that can take 2 weeks to incubate.
  7. The virus is not going to magically disappear in April so you can let that idea go. Canada is more likely to extend the port closure than to open July 1, and Alaska may turn away ships if they start seeing infection rates rise.
  8. The issue is going to be excursions. Most staff for all the stuff people do off ships are seasonal. With virus, and with a late season start at best, most won't be coming up at all.
  9. In terms of law, very little has changed. An emergency declaration doesn't necessarily change underlying law. Changing passenger cruising acts is going to be very low priority.
  10. Given circumstances, I don't know that now is the time to expect a change in long-standing federal maritime law.
  11. Probably response by lines is slow because they are dealing with the next 30 days first.
  12. A real issue is that most excursion companies will not be operating if.ceuise season doesn't start until mid-July. The reality is that AK season is likely not to occur at all this year.
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