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  1. Is anyone able to tell me is there a lot of walking when disembarking at Terminal A? I recently disembarked at San Pedro on a different cruise line and while disembarking was very smooth, there was a lot of walking involved before exiting to catch transportation. I will be traveling with my mother on Symphony in February and while she’s very mobile, extended walks hauling luggage can be too much for her. Wondering if I need to plan for extra assistance for her in the terminal.
  2. That was my thought. Just list everyone lol. It’s not difficult to add them. Thanks
  3. I know what is needed in order to cruise with my DGD. She’s staying in a room I’ve booked for my mother and sister. Does anyone know if the letter my DD writes needs to have my mother and sister’s names listed since she’s in their room even though DH and I are the responsible adults for her?
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