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  1. You're welcome! Enjoy your cruise!
  2. My husband and I are on the Conquest in January. This is our plan. https://www.beyondships2.com/cruise-article---a-walk-to-seven-mile-beach.html
  3. Is the spa hot tub open and able to be used as soon as you get onboard? The one in the spa, not the outside ones.
  4. I'm getting conflicting reports about this. The Carnival website says that Red Frog Pub on the Pride does not serve food. A thread or two on here says it does. Please, anyone who's actually been on the Pride, does the Red Frog Pub on the Pride have food or not? TYIA
  5. I can personally recommend any excursion that ends on Passion Island (there's a speed boat option for the adventurous and a catamaran option if you like something more low-key). My husband doesn't like to cruise. He doesn't like Mexico. And he doesn't like the beach. And he still (15 years later) speaks of our excursion to Passion Island with fondness. If you knew him, you'd understand the significance. Cozumel is great. You'll enjoy anything you do.
  6. I'm trying to gear myself up by focusing on the different areas, instead of the whole. I think it's possible my biggest problem is that I hate buffets (I call them "troughs") and crowds. I should probably stick to the MDR. Does anybody know if Guy's or BlueIguana are less "trough"-like or less crowded than lido buffet generally?
  7. First, is room service available on embarkation day? I'm assuming no because everyone is so busy with turnover, but I wanted to be sure. Second, is there a usual rotation or types of food available on the Chef's Choice section the lido buffet? My husband and I tend to get overwhelmed at buffets, and I'd like to be prepared what to expect and look for in this section of the lido buffet. TYIA
  8. I like them, too. They're anesthetizing, in a really good way!
  9. This is why I plan to carry on.
  10. I appreciate this. You describe the amount of luggage I'm carrying on. Most people who've commented have less luggage. So you've made me feel better about carrying on four larger rollers and a couple carry-ons. Thank you!
  11. Good to know! We'll cross our fingers.
  12. I was hoping my husband, who spent most of his career as a bridge inspector for our small county, would get to experience going under the bridges, particularly the Bay Bridge. But, alas, I do think it will be dark. Bummer.
  13. So many helpful replies. Thank you all again! And coevan thank you for clarifying exactly when in November your friends cruise was. I think, like here in Ohio, the chances of snow in Baltimore greatly increase the farther you get in November. Of course snow is possible any time in November, but I'm sure hoping not as likely on the 3rd!
  14. Thanks for the heads up. We'll be ready!
  15. No mobility issues here. Yet. Thank the Lord. But thanks in case there were.
  16. Thanks for that! And I figured it wasn't, but relieved you said it anyway.
  17. I appreciate the information. Baltimore is our closest port, and I hate to fly, and it had the 14-day Journeys itinerary I wanted at the right time of year for us. I guess I'll just be prepared for colder weather the first 2-3 days and last 2-3 days. We're cruising from Miami in January, so that should make up for it! Thanks again for all the replies and information. And, if Maryland is anything like Ohio, it could be possible for it to be super warm. But there could also be a foot of snow. I'll just be prepared for anything. It'll be an adventure! And I'm packing my motion sickness medication.
  18. Thanks to all who replied. This makes me feel confident it is very doable. I plan to schedule a later check in time so our room will be ready. I just don't like the feeling of wondering if my luggage will actually arrive at my stateroom, and carrying it all on will solve that issue for me. Thanks again everyone!
  19. I'd like to hear from those who have actually done it regarding their experience. Please don't reply in order to give me all the reasons I shouldn't carry everything on. I'm well aware of the arguments. I think there are an equal number of reasons both for and against the practice. I'm just wanting to hear from people who have actually done it about their experiences doing it. Yes, my luggage all fits. I don't need luggage size information either. THIA
  20. Assuming "normal" weather in Baltimore in November, what are embarkation/sea days like? Can anything happen onboard in the outdoor areas? What's the Sail Away Party like? Can you swim or use the hot tubs outdoors? If not, at what point in the trip south do outside activities become doable? And, if most activities are indoors at this time of year, what indoor activities are available to make up for the lack of outdoor activities? Please be as specific as possible, and TYIA.
  21. Since the Pride's arrival and embarkation times are later than most ports, does that mean the rooms are ready later also? For example, I know most shops rooms are released for everyone around 1:30pm. Would it be later for the Pride?
  22. I'm looking for suggestions of packaged items available onboard only (not bring-your-own) that it would be "legal" to take off the ship in port for a picnic lunch. Are room service peanut butter and cream cheese in the little sealed tubs? I think yogurt is sealed as well and might work. What about room service chips and pretzels? Are they in sealed packages? Is there anything else? I don't want suggestions of "just sneak it off," please. I'm a rule follower, so sue me. And I'm a farmer. I've seen first hand how exotic and invasive species can destroy agriculture in an area. So, no thanks. But thanks in advance for any suggestions of things that are available onboard, prepackaged, and good for a port picnic lunch!
  23. I completely understand your granddaughter's concerns. My cousin is headed to the DR to a resort this summer, and I really just wish she'd cancel it. I can tell you, that just because the DR is in the news right now doesn't make it the only place this is happening. If you want to scare yourself to never leave the U.S., just Google "Mexico resort deaths." After much research, I believe that it is "tainted" alcohol, if by tainted, one means "drugs added on purpose by criminals in order to: 1) send you to the hospital to extort money out of you; 2) make you easy to take advantage of; or 3) make you easy to rob." So, point is, weigh the pros and cons of taking the risks. Don't eat or drink anything while there. You'll probably be fine. If "probably" isn't good enough for you, don't get off the ship. That's a perfectly respectable option, even though there are people on here who don't agree. With three kids at home, it wouldn't personally be worth it to me. Only you can decide that for yourself. Some of us have too much good at home to lose over a stupid shore excursion to a third world country. Sorry, haters. You may begin the hateful replies now. Oh, and I plan to get off the ship in Cozumel in January when I'm there on my cruise, but I will not be eating or drinking anything. I would visit Amber Cove, not leave the cordoned off area, and not eat or drink anything if I were you. That's my humble opinion. Good luck! And enjoy your cruise!
  24. Now that I'm armed with this information, can anyone tell me if room service will bring lemon wedges, Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco if requested? I like non-alcoholic Marys without the mix. It's really just dressed up tomato juice, I know. But I like them nonetheless. Thanks in advance for the info.
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