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  1. Many thanks for all the advice. It is much appreciated.
  2. My wife and I are doing a Celebrity Cruise in September and we have booked a number of excursions. We haven’t booked excursions for Sydney, Bar Harbour and Charlottetown. Are these towns close to the respective cruise terminals and can we get shuttle buses or taxis to take us to and from these towns?
  3. Yes I complained when on the ship and they offered us money of any future. However this does not stop us being inconvenienced because of the noise from the staff bar. Although TAs may not have access to the location of staff quarters, such as bars and discos, Celebrity must have this information.
  4. Many thanks for the replies. I am new to cruising so perhaps a bit naive. Sorry was unaware that there should be no mention of travel agents and cruise operators.
  5. We have just returned from a Greek cruise on Celebrity Constellation. We were in cabin 2073 which we found out was above the staff bar once we were on the ship. This resulted in thumping music being heard by us well past midnight. I complained to cruise118 on our return stating that they should have been aware of the proximity of the staff quarters. They said that they have no knowledge of the location of the staff quarters on cruise ships as the cruise ships do not provide them with such information. I find this hard to believe. Surely it cannot be difficult to find the location of staff qua
  6. Many thanks for all replies. Glass lifts are fine with me. I wonder why they are not on the Edge.
  7. I have been on the Celebrity Silhouette and the Constellation . This autumn I will be cruising on the Summit. The first two ships had four glass lifts as well as conventional lifts. Can anyone confirm that the Summit has a similar lift arrangement. The reason I ask is I don’t mind the glass lifts as as I can see out but the conventional lifts that you cannot see out make me a little unsettled.
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