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  1. My husband had a great idea for killing the 8 hours we have between getting off our ship and getting on out flight... we just dont know if its allowed. Can you go to the airport, check in your luggage, then leave the airport and come back later? The last time we cruised we were out of Miami and did an excursion to kill time. This time, however, we are leaving out of New Orleans, and they dont offer any such excursions. Yes, we really are very new to this jet setting life style, but we REALLY are enjoying it!! Any insight or time killing suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Follow up question from my husband... Is it allowed to go to the airport, check our luggage, then leave the airport to kill time? Yes, we really are very new to this jet setting life style, but we REALLY are enjoying it!!
  3. I saw this in a previous post and was hoping if anyone has any more recent first hand experience. We have 6 hours to kill between leaving the ship and staring the air portion of our trip home. This looks like it would be a fun time waster, but would that be do-able while pulling around our luggage? Also, with the covid, is it still running? It states they are running on a reduced schedule, but it states the flea market is running on Sundays, and we would be there on a Sunday, Oct 24th. Any input would be greatly appreciated!
  4. THIS!!!!! I mean, really!! I can barely remember a new co-worker's name and here are people who memorize TONS of names WEEKLY or MORE!!!!!! It is not like my husband & I are very memorable people, either. I simply do NOT get it!
  5. The first time I cruised, I saw an upgrade offer when I logged into my account to look at my excursions again. It was listed under my "to do" list. I was never received any kind of email. I just happened to come across it. I'm leaving on the Glory on Sunday. I got no upgrade offers, and I repeatedly looked & hoped. You see, I was booked for a 1st deck ocean view room. I was seeing everyone posting what awesome offers they were getting for cruises that included mine. I have awful anxiety, so I couldn't bring myself to contact my TA and ask. The other day I completed my online check in and got the surprise of my life. With no notice or offer or anything, I am now in a 6th floor balcony!!!!! So while no offers are, well, offered, you may want to occasionally check your cabin number!
  6. We did the Everglades trip, it was a great time killer!! We are trying to figure how to entertain ourselves in New Orleans for our next disembarkation. Post Cruise Excursions are a great idea!
  7. Yes! This is exactly where I am! I'm quite upset about the whole thing. Thank you so much for your helpful tips, though!
  8. "Hello EL, Your cruise starts in 28 days!!" Its FINALLY almost here! We had our first ever cruise Sept of 2020 and immediately scheduled another for the following year... and you know how well that went. We came through the pandemic with flying colors (knock on wood), but my own health issues have caused some major changes that will affect this vacation. It leads me to a few questions. First, can you order 1/2 portions in the MDR? I love food, but cannot eat much without getting ill, and I HATE wasting food, or worse yet, sending back barley touched plates making people think I do not like the food. I'm terrified if people think I'm a disgruntled customer, they'll spit in my food or something. The other is I've just been told i now need to use a walker. (54 years old and I'm now using a walker.... plethora of emotions, partly anger because there goes a LOT of planned excursions....) Is a walker considered a piece of luggage? I have never been on a tender before, is there room for a walker if it folds up? Thank you!
  9. According to this link posted in a different topic, they are all starting at 100% capacity: https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/25253-carnival-cruise-line-ramps-up-sail-date-updates-by-ship.html
  10. according to this link posted in another thread, they are all starting at 100%....
  11. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/25253-carnival-cruise-line-ramps-up-sail-date-updates-by-ship.html This has the Horizon sailing July 4th out of Miami and visiting Ocho Rios, Grand Cayman and Cozumel. I guess it will be interesting to see what happens.
  12. We are staying at Le Meridien, with no airport shuttle or shuttle to the port... we were going to take our first Ubers... are taxis still an option?
  13. I am booked for this itinerary leaving 10/17. Only 127 days away now.... my fingers are crossed..... This is our first time on this ship & these ports. I'm commenting basically so don't miss any of the comments!!!!
  14. We've decided to go with the FCC and just schedule for Sept/Oct of next year. We've never scheduled that far ahead before and aren't certain how to watch for price drops to know when its time to book. We do work with a travel agent, so is this something they should do or is it something I should do, and what is the best way to go about it? Thank you!
  15. Its my birthday. I do not like my present. 😞 I kind of want to take my money and buy a small pontoon boat. Then I remember Id only tool around the same lake and I'd get bored. I guess if I cancel at this moment, I'll lose my air fare if I cancel, or they'll give me future credit also.
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