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  1. Keep it on the down low. We're going to dress our kid to look like carry-on luggage and hope it makes it through the x-ray machine. Shhhhhhhh
  2. Snarky? Haha I wasn't even warmed up. Lets do what they've done to me, to you.... "IMO, I would be most bothered having a child staying next to my stateroom in AQ.." Unless X has changed their policy a child can't sail ALONE in a stateroom. I just did a mock cruise on their website and I put in 1 child and it told me that was unavailable. Maybe someone can shed light on this!! I've cruised before and I don't like the idea that there's a remote possibility of have a child stay by themselves. I would call DYFUS. Was it the baby of the staff member who was by themselves? I hope this person knows that most people book a cruise with the idea that there wont be a parent-less child running around..... I could do this for days, it's so much fun, however I have a life. Now you understand that the main point I was making was lost on everyone. My child/booking is of no concern to anyone on here. Additionally, if people choose to maintain their ignorance of the English language, or the inability to understand high level reading concepts, then I get to be snarky. Especially if they continue to idealize innocence due to their ignorance. All I said is we booked AC and we have a baby. If a person read that and thinks "This person has one room booked with three people" that's your projection and problem, not mine. I'm done talking about my kid. At least there's a few on here who understand. Maybe Celebrity cruise line is for people who want exclusivity but can't afford the adult only cruise line?? /\ Now that was snarky :) For those who didn't get it.....That last line was was in jest, if you didn't realize it *We're booked on Celebrity* I was making fun of myself.
  3. I was addressing the OP, not you. My comments were about the cabins, and my statement about having a kid was in regards to the carpeting, not about how many people we booked. You took that duty onto yourself and garnered my response because of it. It looks like you're the one whom may need advice and what to post on the boards, not me.... No disrespect intended. P.S. We will enjoy BLU with our toddler. If someone wants a "child free venue" they should've booked an adult cruise.
  4. Well hello shipmate. My wife says the group is called Celebrity equinox, and within that group is subdivisions for each cruise. I'm not into the FB groups as they're too much for me (it seems this forum is too haha) but the FB group has current photos and information for the cruises happened right now.
  5. Haha this forum is a trip. We never said it was just the 3 of us traveling. If this was a treasure hunt Cruisestitch would've won. Don't worry guys Celebrity knows how many people we're bringing, they even offered us a crib and a high chair. But thanks for your concern.
  6. Guten tag, I don't know much about this cruise line but my wife follows an Equinox facebook group that's more active than this board. She was telling me they they're still preforming the re-fitment during certain port days. Literally throwing out furniture and materials at a port and installing new ones on the same day. She also said that Celebrity won't be done with the *total* refurb until 2021. We're booked for aqua class in Nov and with a toddler, we were hoping we'd have new carpeting in the room. I think the take away from all of this is that the Equinox will be changing over time, week to week. We're just sitting back watching the trip reports drip in.
  7. Here's the full list http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Celebrity/General_Info/Flyers/17057517_CEL_Concierge_and_Aqua_Class_Amenities.pdf Helen, We paid extra for these "perks" and if they're not included then there's issues.
  8. Thanks for the detailed overview. We're 1st timers on x cruises and we booked AC cabins for later this year. How is it possible for them not to have priority embarkation? As I've seen a few other people on here say the same thing, I called their help number to ask but the wait was too long. It sounds like you have grounds for a refund or OBC.
  9. Well after reading this thread I called the family member that booked our NOV cruise on the EQUINOX and said people are on here saying the AC cabins aren't receiving priority embarkation, daily water ECT. My family member is a loooooong time cruiser of X and isn't worried. They think it'll be worked out by the time we get there. I have a question. Can you take the table from inside the cabin and put it on the balcony to make a bigger table/foot stool? I don't cruise often but I love eating on the balcony in peace, this is important for me when cruising.
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