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  1. I would love to have the welcome letter sent to me at k.schriv@gmail.com and any new information people have. This thread is amazing
  2. I love all of these and would like the template also. K.schriv@gmail.com
  3. My fh and I both have been previously married and have children. We have decided to get married at the courthouse but have a ceremony for our children and families (who also have children) at sea to allow us to celebrate together and take a big family vacation. The catch is that we have only ever been on Disney and loved the way they had everything included. I really enjoyed that I knew exactly how much I was spending and didn't have to keep telling all the kids no when they wanted ice cream or soda and we all ate as family. Come to a wedding and I think it might be too expensive for all of our family. This is where I come to all of you experts. I am looking at Disney, carnival and Royal Caribbean. Does anyone have a quick cheat sheet that shows the difference in all of them, from the wedding ceremony to dining options and family things.
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