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  1. Noticed you put some photos of the shampoo bottles up form the suite....appreciate that. Anyway (if I havent missed it already, you can just quote me into that post if so) but anyway you can show us some more photos of the your suite. I curious of all the different configurations. Whenever you get a minute. Loving this Live-From.
  2. Wonderful photos Dides!!! Thank you for your effort! How are you loving the Sky so far? Early thoughts?
  3. I appreciate you so much you guys!!! These are the first detailed pictures I've seen. That looks incredible. That view for the weight area and treadmills 😍😍😍😍😍 A bit of a different setup than the Royal. I like the spread. Mucho Gracias.
  4. Is the coupon book always there? We always glaze over most of the papers they give us besides the patter....Really curious if this book will be in our cabin when we board the CB in 2 weeks. We'd definitely take them up on this offer. Go to the Crown Grill for dinner on the 1st night. Good start to the cruise. What would be the best plan....if we have the coupon book, then call and make reservations..or go and make them in person?
  5. Idk if you guys missed the part, the couple isn't being surprised with a trip, they're being surprised with a cruise. They already intended to be away with Mom for a road trip. So I'm sure they've already made necessary plans as far as pet care, if there is one, and stopping mail, took time off work, and have no other events on their schedule already during that time period. They already planned to be away, just the semantics of their vacation is going to change drastically.
  6. Hope your trip is going smoothly so far. Living vicariously through you bud. Please, if you may, shoot some photos of the fitness center for me. Just a couple of the weights and the equipment. Nothing major. And then a few more of the buffet area. Hope you have a blast. Savor every minute of your seven days.
  7. No worries. The crown doesn't use the card to operate the lights. Flip of the switch is all you need. Happy sailing. We loved the crown immensely.
  8. Also, which ship and where are we headed?? I'm excited for you guys now. Even better if their first cruise!
  9. You're an amazing mom. Truly. Hell of a surprise. I'd probs let them know about 2 weeks out so they can get prepped and ready. May need to dry clean or tailor clothes. Or buy some new things. I know surprising them at the airport/ seaport would be the most fun, but it just may be more of a headache for them then forecasted. As far as ocean ready, have them bring their passports, you can fill out all of that information at the embarkation port. I'm right there with you, that is the exact type of surprise I'd love to give someone too. It'd be soooo much easier for you if they were children-teenagers lol. Then you could handle all of the passport stuff and packing for them. I really do hope you are able to keep it a secret. But if not, 2-2.5 weeks out is good for them to prep and get excited, without driving themselves nuts with excitement like I always do with cruises months to a year out lol. Please keep us updated on how it goes.
  10. On this ship in 2 weeks. Hoping the AC is working properly
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