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  1. Thanks for the info! Yeah I kind of expected that about the water activities given the rougher water at the beach. I've heard the beach itself though is really nice! Seems like a nice, relaxing day away from the boat for a great price!
  2. Will be docked in St Kitts for a full day and we'd like to forego the usual "excursions" and just enjoy the day at a beach resort. Anyone have any experience recently with either Marriott Resort or Park Hyatt? Marriott day pass is only $35 and Park Hyatt is $150. Cost is important but not the only thing, looking for not super crowded, nice calm beach and some water activities if possible. From what I've read Mariott has a great beach, close to Pier but the surf is a bit rough while Park Hyatt is quite bit away (probably not crowded) with also a nice beach, calmer water and you can always walk over to Cockleshell for other things to do. Marriott is quite a bit cheaper so it's doubtful to me Park Hyatt would be that much better to justify the price. I've looked at the other usual options like Carambola, Spice Mill, etc. but most the reviews lately aren't great but other options are certainly welcome.
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