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  1. AWESOME VIDEO THANKS FOR SHARING we still have not found transportation for this tour 😩
  2. Thank you for the information did the roll call so now hopefully will get some more people
  3. Looking for 4 people to share van with Overlordtour on September 24 ,2019 from Le Havre port to Normandy/ Omaha beach MSC Preziosa ship arriving at 8:00am
  4. Thank you ship sponsored not an option aS MSC not offering the excursion we are looking for our travel date is 9/18 to 9/25/2019
  5. Greetings, Traveling on the MSC Preziosa 9/18-9/25. Port at La Havre on 9/24 and looking without much luck for an excursion that will take us to Omaha/Normandy. Can anyone recommend a tour for this stop. So far what I have been able to find is booked solid. Any information would be greatly appreciated. thank you, Carmen
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