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  1. That's disappointing to hear--I had thought most of the bars were open until 2-3 am?
  2. We were wondering about this for the Bliss too. It seems most people go to the Social and wait in long lines to book with a person but we’ve heard that the touchscreens rarely have lines at the same time. We can’t decide what our strategy should be—we’re only booked in a mini suite and haven’t cruised NCL before so we don’t anticipate an early boarding group (though we plan to arrive around 10-10:30 for our Dec 20 sailing).
  3. Thank you for being so generous and helpful!!
  4. Would love if you could upload pics of the freestyle dailies as well! Thank you!!
  5. Yeah I really think this’ll be perfect for us too. With the UBP, we’ll want to have enough water at our disposal!
  6. LOL DUH! When I asked Alexa to do the math, I asked how many liters were in one gallon...my bad!! Thanks for the correction 🙂
  7. Oh no!! That's really unfortunate! We go through 5 gallons in three days between the two of us, which is about 4 liters. Maybe a 12 pack would do for the eight days after all. I would be so upset to spend the money and have people steal our bottles!
  8. Good tip on Comfort Suites! I had read something about that. Is it quick enough to get from the water park to the Comfort Suites? We may actually take a midday break in the room just to get out of the sun and rest a bit. Good to know--thank you! Oh no! Why didn't you enjoy it?
  9. We actually don't celebrate Christmas, but it'll be fun to be around people who are in festive and jolly moods! We sure will be feeling excited just to be there! I have been reading a ton of reviews and definitely plan on booking speciality dining and the shows as soon as we can. I'm a huge type-A overplanner and wish we could pre-book laser tag and the go-karts, too! We will have a few things to pay for onboard (go-karts, upgraded WiFi, laser tag...probably a few Starbucks!) but really want to have as much pre-paid and pre-planned as we can!
  10. Good to know, thanks! My husband drinks a TON of water so honestly I do think we’d go through the full 24. That does remind me I should try to calculate how much he actually drinks a day...it’s definitely more than two liters. We will also probably bring a few small hydro flasks onboard for when we want to carry around something smaller. I’ll drink tap but he absolutely won’t, so we definitely will need to buy a case! Thank you! My husband will only drink bottled, so I’m afraid it’s a necessity. Honestly even if we could bring our own onboard we probably wouldn’t because of the hassle of transporting it. We’re fine with chalking the $54 to a “stupid vacation expense”!
  11. Thanks so much for sharing! Good to know about the internet—if you want to upgrade from the free at sea internet, you need to do it the first time you sign onto the internet?
  12. We're looking to buy the 24 pack of water for my husband and I for our 8-day Bliss cruise in December. Should we plan on just forking out the $54 now or does NCL ever run promotions on their water packages? Would it be cheaper to wait until our first day on board? We would only do that for significant savings, as we were hoping to have the water in our room starting from the first day. TIA!
  13. Thanks, everyone!! I sure am hoping my husband loves it 😄
  14. We're interested in the Atlantis Aquaventure sailing...since it's our first time there, we'd prefer to go through NCL and book through them and use their transportation. However, the Aquaventure isn't coming up as an option for our cruise in myNCL. Any reason why that might be? Will it get added closer to the cruise? I see outside companies are offering it for the day we're in port (December 24), though without transportation. TIA!
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