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  1. I think the organised tours will be with us for a while whilst there is a significant risk of catching Covid ashore. We like to wander by ourselves rather than an organised tour, if means waiting a year or so before we cruise then so be it, there are other types of holidays we can partake in.
  2. Most of our land based holidays overseas have been one where we drive to, so easier to do all the work yourself. Our more recent land holidays to Kos and the French Alps were both booked directed with operator direct, both covered by ATOL/ABTA. We used to have a good local independent TA, however the owner retired and sold the business to one of the High St TAs who then 9 months later closed the agency.
  3. Specialist, we don’t use generic TAs for booking holidays, most are useless.
  4. Had our Tesco delivery this morning, everything we ordered came, no substitutions, although when I finalised the order yesterday there were a lot of items not currently available, mainly fresh produce, but we get much of ours from local farm shop so not an issue. We have managed to book slots throughout I was sometimes at the height of the pandemic online at midnight when the slots were release to ensure I got one, not that bad currently, plus we have a couple of backup options if can’t get one. We also an “essentials cupboard” in which we keep at least 2 weeks store of non perishable essential items such as rice, pasta, tinned foodstuffs, tea, coffee etc. My years of being involved in IT disaster planning at work & when I was a councillor haven’t left me!
  5. Must admit we have never had any problems booking direct, we used a TA once, they made so many mistakes we have never used one since.
  6. We have a little box at home for sugar sachets for use in case someone comes here who takes sugar in tea. We haven’t bought granulated sugar for around 2 years as neither of us adds sugar to drinks or meals.
  7. It was one of the 30 stores that was saved as part of rescue deal last year.
  8. Spent part of the day trying to get UPS to track down where they delivered my parcel,to yesterday afternoon, it wasn’t to our house. They tried to say he left it in safe place in porch, but when I told them that we don’t have a porch and neither the video doorbell or the security camera recorded anyone dropping off a parcel yesterday afternoon. Then tried to say the tracking number was incorrect, but it was one given to be in 2 emails from supplier. I contacted supplier who has now raised a complaint against UPS, see what tomorrow or Monday brings.
  9. Costa Coffee is served in Vistas Cafe Bar apparently https://www.pocruises.com/cruise-ships/iona/dining
  10. A restless night of sleep despite having the fan on, came downstairs at 3 this morning to top up glass of water, the digital thermometer said it was 23 C outside at the time. Thought we were going to get some rain yesterday evening as we had to quickly relocate evening meal back inside after large raindrops began to fall, but after a few minutes it stop, hardly enough to wet the ground. Temperature forecast to reach 24C this afternoon, yesterday reached 30C off patio and 35C on patio, greenhouse hit 47C despite all windows being open, door open and shading in operation, plus damped down a few times. We now have a Yellow Rain warning for weekend, but forecast shows no evidence of rain for us. However building up strength in my shoulders with carrying of watering cans, different exercise to that which physio gave me!
  11. Managed to get around 6.5 hours sleep last night put the fan up a notch to level 4, a moderate breeze! Up at 6.45 to water garden, bedding plants and vegetables starting to suffer, used hose as I didn’t fancy multiple trips backwards and forwards to tap, our garden is long and narrow. Temperature was a pleasant 18 C. Breakfast on patio for second day running, since we got back. Seems we have one more hot day then back to normal weather wise from Saturday. Hopefully cooler next week as I have a fence to paint, followed by the garage doors and garage window frame. As 3 grandchildren come out of self isolation, a fourth enters that world, my daughter a teacher has had her second Pfizer jab, slept for 36 hours, but now up and about, hoping that she doesn’t get a call to isolate due to any child in her classes testing positive in the last few days of term.
  12. Last day in Anglesey today returning from cautious Wales to the uncertainty ahead in England tomorrow. Has been in the high 20s today, the day we booked the visit Conwy Castle, we went round the castle be didn’t walk the town walls as we planned as too hot, we will return at a cooler time of the year to do that. Yesterday we had an afternoon on the beach, spent much of it sitting in or standing in the sea to keep cool. We packed for warm and not so warm weather, the clothes in latter category didn’t see light of day.
  13. It’s probably a port rather than P&O decision to remove the porters, but given its freedumb day tomorrow perhaps they will return.
  14. I would have thought more likely that due to potential close contact with passengers and the risk of airborne transmission of the virus is the more likely reason for suspension of the Porter service.
  15. Hand Gel doesn’t kill off Norovirus https://www.england.nhs.uk/south/2019/11/21/play-your-part-this-winter-to-stop-the-spread-of-norovirus-in-the-south-west-just-think-noro/
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