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  1. How is photo done online for check in completion?
  2. Yes that's my concern. Years ago in that area staff would let doors slam all the time. I've never been in that area since then. I'm assuming the same may happen on these Breakaway Plus ships too. Thanks.
  3. I should have clarified.... not their cabins. Ive previously been near that “white” area and doors were slamming on another ship. Didn’t want to assume the same on Encore or Bliss.
  4. Where are crew areas located on deck 10? Between the 2 elevator areas?
  5. Some cruisers get other dining comps and/or OBC that it's more than they can eat with the additional UDP meals. I don't think it's about the minimal charge.
  6. Oh that makes sense...... I never thought of that! Obviously I don’t play that. Thought maybe it was a lounge for high players. Lol. Thanks!
  7. Is anyone familiar with this room? What is it and who is it for?
  8. I've never done it, but know others who have. If you do it be sure to drop off luggage first before going to parking level 3. Stevedores are on level 2. Not sure if this is current: Cruise parking 1 to 10 nights - $40.00 per night
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