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  1. I've done that for years when I store my suitcases. They even make nesting sets that have two larger suitcases and a roll-on.
  2. another tip to save space if you must have 3 suitcases, get a third suitcase that is smaller than your largest one and can fit in the larger one once it's unpacked, then it takes up no additional space under the bed.
  3. Ah well, for a minute I thought we'd be on with some fellow TN folks (Go Vols!) I haven't been, but from what I have seen, the ship seems to be well maintained. As long as you're not seeking the wall-to-wall excitement of bigger ships, it seems like it'll be a nice little cruise 🙂
  4. Not only that, but he's back on the Empress right now Also, I think I'm on the same cruise, March 15?
  5. I have a voyage booked on Empress for March. The cruise planner doesn't have the drinks package on it (yet it for some reason has an unlimited dining package). I have a cruise on Explorer December 2020 and it has always had the drinks package (currently at 56/day), so I'm not sure it's a too far away thing. Anyone else have this experience? Is it an Empress thing? The deluxe package will eventually show up, right? Hopefully in time for Black Friday 🙂 I did message RCCL and they said to chill it can take a few weeks, but it's not like it's a shore excursion, and I don't completely trust what they said for some reason.
  6. That's probably fairly common, marketing in a lot of companies will float a few different concepts to gauge interest. I responded very positively to pirates, but they did ask if I'd be willing to pay extra and my answer was a very firm no 🙂
  7. I just got a survey from RCCL. Not sure if it's made the rounds before. The 2nd half of the survey features this picture then asks questions about how you'd feel about that and then mentions Labadee. Might be interesting.
  8. Yeah the balcony, double points and the 300 OBC from the WOW sale are what made that decision. From what I see it looks to be about the size of a bigger ship's regular balcony room.
  9. We're sailing the one just before yours on the 15th, the 6 night Western. Twangster's report is what pushed it over the top for me too.
  10. Yeah I should have been more specific. I'm quite comfortable handling things myself. My main interest would be in finding better fares through group rates/extra OBC as well as having someone babysit fare changes in case there's a better deal to be had. I don't really need handholding. I did once have a family friend handle a reservation on Disney but his job was mainly to make it so I couldn't call the cruise line myself, so I wasn't impressed.
  11. I've booked my own travel myself ever since the early days of being able to do so online. I see lots of people who swear by TA's, but only if they're good. How does one find a good one? I know mentioning specific ones seems to be verboten here. But, what sort of things would you do to find a decent TA?
  12. Also, just to add to the drink package quirkiness, the Empress cruise I just booked for March has no drink packages of any kind in the cruise planner. I contacted Royal and they said just give it a week or two and they'll eventually show up again.
  13. My guess is they have different product IDs for the different price points so they just take one out of inventory and swap in the next. As for the 20% off I've seen that too recently. I think they may be playing with onboard pricing, or it's just marketing being marketing. Essentially as far as I can tell, the actual percentage off is just some arbitrary number, so focus on the actual price more than the discount claim.
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